Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 923

Chapter 923: Raise Your Hands
Chapter 923: Raise Your Hands

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This was because asking those questions would bring to light their pointed hostility against Hwa Xia. That would not put their country in a good light on the world stage.

To everyone's surprise, Xinghe's answer was so ironclad and had managed to resolve so many issues at once. The reporters were baffled as thousands of camera lights kept flashing at her.

Ambassador Zhou and his team were shocked before it changed to happiness and pride. Xinghe's answer flawlessly spoken in Country W's language was perfect. Ambassador Zhou understood then why Xinghe's appointment had come so suddenly and without notice. She was an incredible woman with limitless charm.

In the room, another woman was not feeling so well. Even though Tong Liang was clapping, internally, her heart was a mixture of shock and gloom. Xinghe's response was beyond her expectations; this woman was truly something else! Looks like it is impossible for her to be tripped up by any of the questions today. It will not be easy to smear Hwa Xia's name.

Tong Liang was proven correct. Xinghe answered a series of questions from the reporters, and she purposely chose the question from all different countries.

Country C and Country L seemed to be rather hostile against her. Their reporters used their own language to pose their questions, which were rather pointed. However, Xinghe managed to use Country C and Country L's language to deflect their questions. She was proficient in so many foreign languages!

Not only that, her answers were perfection, and from the beginning, she had maintained her composure; her presence alone was enough to impress many, and that was before taking into account her captivating verbal dance with the reporters.

It wasn't until a reporter asked her a question that her image managed to impress everyone present and all throughout the world.

"Miss Xia, you have been appointed the ambassador at such a young age and it happened so suddenly. I have to respectfully ask whether there is a hidden transaction that we do not know about? Do you have confidence that you can convince everyone to work with you?" The reporter voiced a suspicion that was on everyone's mind. It was normal to have doubts about Xinghe, a woman who had been appointed to such an influential position so suddenly.

Other than those who knew her personally, others would have their doubts. Therefore, when this question was posed, the media remained silent, waiting for her answer. The citizens watching this over the world in front of the screen also waited with bated breath. They also wanted to see how Xinghe managed to answer this sensitive and pointed question.

The question had a semblance of truth to it; her appointment had certainly been sudden, and she was indeed young.

Ambassador Zhou was about to intervene when Xinghe asked everyone there in a clear voice, "I ask, who here has suspicions about my ability? Please raise your hands!"

The people there were shocked. No one dared raise their hand.

Xinghe turned to the reporter and smiled. "I have answered your question. Thank you."

Thunderous applause exploded again. The viewers in front of the television joined in, especially those from Hwa Xia; they all cheered her on. Xinghe's answer was beautiful, powerful, and impressive!

She had solved a world crisis, was the best computer scientist the world had ever seen, and had handled this press conference with a surfeit of grace and tact.

Who dared doubt her? Who dared to insinuate that she was a talentless woman who only relied on her looks to get her position?