Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Charging You For Libel
Chapter 93: Charging You for Libel

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Therefore, Chui Corps had given everything to win this chance at a partnership with Xi Empire.

Similarly, Xinghe and her team worked extra hard, not to partner with Xi Empire, but to snatch the victory away from Chui Corps!

A week flew by in the blink of an eye and it was the day for Hacker Competition.

Early that morning, when Xinghe and her team prepared to leave for the competition, they were visited by a few policemen.

"Are you Miss Xia Xinghe? Someone is charging you for libel, so can you please follow us to the police station to assist in our investigation?"

Xia Zhi, staring at them with bulging eyes, questioned, "Libel? Are you mistaken? My sister hasn't done anything like that!"

"Xia Xinghe once submitted a police report saying her car accident and her father's death were related to Wu Rong and Xia Wushuang. She insinuated the same thing during Xi Family's party celebration. Initially, the ladies were gracious enough to ignore it but recently, the baseless accusation had affected Chui Corps' stock prices so they had no choice but to press charges. If Miss Xia can't produce any actual evidence, Miss Xia will be required by the court of law to pay a stipulated amount to compensate for the damage caused by her baseless accusation," The police said emotionlessly, but it was obvious whose side they were on.

Xinghe wanted to laugh after the police officer finished his piece.

Wushuang and her gang was truly a special brand of despicable. They couldn't beat her the fair and square way so they came at her with this kind of ridiculous lawsuit.

Although she had to admit it was her mistake and carelessness to allow them to pin this on her.

The severity of a libel lawsuit had a wide spectrum, ranging from Judge Judy's daytime courtroom drama to millions of dollars paid in rectification.

However, most of the cases would be settled outside of the courtroom unless monetary loss is involved.

Chui Corps' recent stock had suffered a bit of turbulence since the party because some shareholders and customers started having doubts regarding the bosses' moral character

Alas, she didn't expect Chui Ming to go for such a low blow and serve her on that day!

He couldn't have known Xinghe was attending the Hacker Competition but the fact that he didn't wait until it was over went to show how much they wanted her dead.

Chui Corps and Xi Empire's partnership would be cemented that day or at least, they were sure that was going to happen.

So, they purposely filed the lawsuit that day because one, they were afraid Xinghe would appear to crash the competition and two, it was auspicious for good things to happen in pairs.

They would get the partnership and revenge against Xinghe, there was no way they were going to miss out on that.

Furthermore, if they were to press charges after the partnership was signed, it would seem like they were bullying her so that would hurt their reputation.

Honestly, being sued by them was nothing for Xinghe, she expected as much. In fact, she had the evidence to back up her accusation.

However, it was still too early to show it

The evidence could only take down Wu Rong but not Chui Ming and Wushuang. Showing her hand too early would also give them the leverage over Xinghe.

If it was any other day, Xinghe would sit down to draft a counterattack plan but that day she also had to attend the Hacker Competition

Their software had passed internal testing so it was time to enter the competition and nab the first place.

But without her, the main programmer, how could they win?

The same thoughts were surging through Xia Zhi's mind. He said furiously, "This is ridiculous, my sister did not wrongly accuse them! Fact of the matter is"

"Zhi!" Xinghe interrupted him and said calmly, "You enter the competition with Xiao Mo. I'll follow them to the police station."

"Sis!" Xia Zhi begged, "You can't follow them, we can't do this without you!"