Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 932

Chapter 932: Meeting The Criminal
Chapter 932: Meeting the Criminal
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Even though he had no idea why they wanted to meet the criminal, the Vice President trusted Xinghe. She had helped solve the world's crisis and was Elder Shen's granddaughter, with these qualifications alone, he trusted her implicitly.

He also expressed his commiseration for what had happened to the President. He had also rushed to see the President when he heard the news, but he had to leave to handle the many emergency matter that had cropped up before the President was announced safe.

With the Madam President's order, he returned to personally escort Xinghe and Mubai to meet the criminal.

Attacking the President was a giant crime. The doctor was detained and was guarded by many soldiers. Along the way, Xinghe asked the Vice President why Tianrong was responsible for the security.

Vice President had sensed the curiosity regarding the Tong family, so he explained in a whisper, "Tong Tianrong is reaching his retiring age and normal officials would not dare to involve themselves in such a situation. After all, mobilizing so much military force even for a situation as unique as this is bound to raise a few eyebrows. However, Tianrong is an influential player and arrived at the scene first, so he naturally took over. The criminal was led away by him, and all the security here answers to him."

"Don't you think his arrival was too fast?" Xinghe asked probingly.

Vice President smiled. "Tong Liang was there when the President was attacked, so she contacted Tianrong at first notice."

It was a valid reason.

"Tong Liang was there?" Xinghe latched onto another clue.

"Yes, and I understand your suspicion because we have the same idea. However, we do not have any proof. Plus, at a critical period like this, we have to be extra careful. Later, during the interrogation, make sure not to expose yourself."

"Don't worry, we know what to do." Xinghe nodded and smiled confirming the Vice President's loyalty.

In the end, only she was allowed to follow him into the interrogation. Mubai was a businessman and not a government official, so he had to stay outside. He waited for them as Xinghe followed the Vice President into the heavily guarded police station alone.

As they expected, Tianrong's men blocked them. However, this was the Vice President, and he had the direct orders from Madam President. Not even the precinct constable dared to hold them for too long and could do nothing but allow them through.

However, Xinghe and the Vice President knew the first thing he did would be contacting Tong Tianrong, and he would arrive soon. Therefore, they had to wrap up their meeting with the doctor as soon as possible.

In the dark interrogation room, the doctor was being interrogated by several severe looking policemen, including the vice constable. The doctor had committed a grave sin, so he had to be interrogated severely; no stone could be left unturned.

However, no matter the angle they employed, they could get no information from the doctor. He was in deep despair, blaming himself for what had happened. He kept insisting that he did not know what had come over him. In other words, the doctor's defense sounded like a bunch of senseless ramblings.

Finally, the vice constable lost his cool; he slammed on the table and demanded, "You are unable to avoid this criminal sin! Be honest and tell us, who ordered you to do this Who is the bigger mastermind"

"There is no mastermind, and I have no idea why I did what I did I really didn't know, I should have been the one who died. I really have no clue what happened"

The doctor had already broken down mentally.