Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 933

Chapter 933: Quarrelling
Chapter 933: Quarrelling
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The man was openly weeping like a small child. Then again, this was to be expected. Murder alone was a big enough criminal offense, yet he had tried to murder the President. This crime planted on any sane person would break them for sure. No one would want to have this crime on their shoulders, and it would ruin their future and the name of their family.

Therefore, regardless of whether he had the intention or not, this doctor's future was over. No one was able to save him, and the law would punish him severely. He had struggled through medical school to end up in this state

The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. Thoughts of suicide bubbled up in his mind. At that moment, the Vice President arrived.

"Go take a break, we have some question we want to ask him alone," the Vice President told the police in the room mildly.

"Yes, sir!" Of course, the police would not dare to deny his order and left immediately.

The doctor seemed to have seen the ray of hope when he saw the Vice President. He knelt down before the Vice President and begged with despair, "Vice President, I really did not mean it, you have to believe me, I really did not intend to harm the President! Where would I find the courage to do something like that I have no idea what came over me, but you have to believe me, I really did not intend to harm the President, I swear on my life! If I'm lying, then may God smite me on the spot! No, I will kill myself to repent for my sin, I have harmed the President, I deserve to die, I don't deserve to be this country's citizen, let me die!"

The doctor was obviously in shock, and he was barely making sense. His body was visibly shaking, and despair was plain on his face. For the man to have reached such a state of despair showed how deep his fear was. Witnessing him like this, they really had a hard time believing he would have the courage to assassinate the President.

Of course, they could not rule out the possibility of him acting, but if that was the case, the doctor truly deserved an Oscar.

"Get up first, tell us what happened in detail, what was on your mind before you decided to assassinate the President?" the Vice President ordered calmly. His calmness seemed to have a soothing effect on the doctor. However, he did not get up; it did not seem like he could stand up anyway.

After a deep breath, the doctor explained in his shaking voice, "To be honest, I have no idea what I was doing. That night I shouldn't even have been there, I was planning to take an early break to go home and rest. I was too tired from the continuous stream of virus patients. The hospital manager agreed to let me go home, but when I was leaving, suddenly I saw two people arguing in the corridor. They were so loud that I had to go to persuade them to stop. However, they ignored me completely, if anything, they only got louder. I was already very tired, and their argument only added to my mounting headache, after that"

The doctor seemed to have a hard time believing what he said next, "Then, I cannot remember what happened clearly. When I gained my consciousness, I already had the scalpel in my hand and the injury was already on the President I really have no idea why my memory would lapse and why I would end up injuring the President! Vice President, you have to believe me, if I'm lying, then may I end up in the worst layer of hell!"

The doctor swore on his life, but he himself had a hard time buying his story. Therefore, he was nervous, worried that they would not believe him.

"You mean, you heard two people arguing, lost your consciousness, and committed the assault on the President?"