Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 936

Chapter 936: Colluding With He Lan Yuan
Chapter 936: Colluding with He Lan Yuan
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He explained slowly, "Xinghe was rather vague; she meant this assassination attempt is related to He Lan Yuan."

The mention of He Lan Yuan brought another shock to the room. How is this related to He Lan Yuan?

"Isn't he behind bars, how could he plan an assassination like this?" Elder Shen voiced the question on everyone's mind. Furthermore, He Lan Yuan's plan was to destroy the world, so why would he come after Hwa Xia's president?

Mubai commented with a dark smile, "He is behind bars, but that does not mean he is without danger. Certain heartless individuals plan to take advantage of him to threaten us. This virus outbreak and assassination are part of their plot. Our analysis is they originally planned to use the virus outbreak to weaken our country, but since that failed prematurely, they retorted to their back-up plan, which was to assassinate the President."

They already knew about the conspiracy regarding the virus outbreak. However, they did not expect for the assassination to be related to it!

Madam President and the rest frowned deeply.

"Then, how did you find out about this conspiracy? And what is this hypnosis you mentioned?" the Vice President asked.

Mubai explained, "When we were on the moon, He Lan Yuan hypnotized two men to try to die together with us. We got to see his hypnosis in action both on the moon base and on the spaceship. That is why we suspected that doctor has also been hypnotized, and we were proved right."

Xinghe suddenly raised her head to say, "That's right, the symptom the doctor described is completely identical to how He Lan Yuan works his hypnosis."

Mubai added, "His hypnosis skill is out of this world. According to our friends from the moon, they said they are immune to normal hypnotic suggestions and yet He Lan Yuan could still hypnotize them. Just imagine how easy it would be for him to do the same on a normal human being."

The room understood everything immediately. So that was the whole truth.

"Then, who is it that has been colluding with He Lan Yuan" Madam President was furious. "They really think Hwa Xia can be easily bullied"

"This is disgusting! We mustn't let them go so easily. No matter who it is, if they are uncovered, we must pursue this slight to its bitter end. Hwa Xia might be a peace-loving nation, but that does not mean we will allow others to walk all over us. If they want a war, then we will give them one!" the Vice President said angrily.

Elder Shen said calmly, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We will deal with those people later; we have to focus on the Tong family first. This group of traitors must be given the appropriate punishment!"

"But we have no evidence, only suspicion." The Vice President groused, "If only we had evidence of the Tong family's wrong doing."

Both Madam President and Elder Shen gritted their teeth in resentment. Even though they knew the Tong family was in the wrong, they had no evidence to bring them to justice. Furthermore, they could not make any move easily lest it tip off their enemies.

Xinghe stopped her fingers and said, "At this juncture, do we really need evidence? Then again, it is not that we don't have the necessary evidence, tomorrow we will have the evidence we need."

Madam President and the rest were overjoyed, and they asked, "What is this evidence you speak of?"

Xinghe smirked and said, "Her body."

Her body Madam President and the rest were confused. What kind of evidence was this?

Xinghe explained carefully to them and they finally understood.

"Xinghe, thankfully you are here." Madam President sighed with gratification and relief.