Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 940

Chapter 940: Earning Some Breathing Space
Chapter 940: Earning Some Breathing Space
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They had probably bought most of the country's media because they kept reporting on her good deeds.

One could say the two most famous women in Hwa Xia were Xinghe and Tong Liang. When the rumors of presidential election started flying, some said Tong Liang was planning to join the running and that gained quite a lot of support from the public. In today's day and age, an election was nothing more than a popularity contest; the more famous candidate would most likely win. No one really cared about the candidate's background or qualifications. As long as one had made a name for oneself, either through scandal or bright results in a field remotely related to politics, one would have a valid voter base.

Therefore, even without the announcement, the support for Tong Liang was already sky high. It was like the whole country was hoping she would become the President.

This phenomenon only confirmed Madam President and Elder Shen's suspicion regarding the Tong family!

Actually, running for president was not a mistake inherently, but it was the way they went about it that earned their ire. They should not have betrayed Hwa Xia and colluded with outside forces. People like them were not qualified to run!

However, they chose to be patient, and the reason for that was still the same; Hwa Xia needed a breathing space. Xinghe impressed upon them the importance of waiting for the right time to strike, and for various reasons, they all believed her implicitly. Even the Vice President decided to respect her decision. This was because she would only come to a decision after figuring out all the angles, so her decision was always worth following.

Some could not help but worry.

"If we allow them to run rampant, what if they really got elected?"

Xinghe replied in a mild tone, "We have the Tong family's criminal evidence with us. When the time is ripe, we can capture them directly."

"You plan to focus on military defenses to prevent a sudden attack from Country W and the rest?" the Vice President asked. "But the defenses could be arranged in a few days."

Hwa Xia had always been a military strong country. To prevent invasion, they had a powerful army.

Xinghe shook her head. "Not the troops but the defense system. If I am not mistaken, He Lan Yuan will help them take down our military's internal system and probably our satellites as well."

The crowd was stunned!

This was indeed a huge problem.

"You're right, we cannot afford to be too careful. No matter what they've planned, we mustn't overlook any possibility. We have to neutralize every possible threat!" the Vice President declared solemnly. Everyone else thought the same way. Dealing with this, no one dared to be careless. They did not think Xinghe was scaring them with her concerns.

"Miss Xia, you are really good at computer science. From your perspective, how do you propose we go about strengthening our technical defenses?" a general came forward to ask.

Xinghe stood up to pass everyone a stack of document. She then declared, "We have already come up with the solution for that. The document you have details the possible technology He Lan Yuan's group can come up with."