Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 942

Chapter 942: Her Name On The Candidate Roster
Chapter 942: Her Name on the Candidate Roster

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However, they did not realize it. They were too busy caught up in their sweet dream of conquering Hwa Xia. Furthermore, for the upcoming election, Tong Liang had been busy going about making alliances both on the surface and in the dark.

In actuality, many people only showed her support ostentatiously. Those loyal to the President knew it was almost over for the Tong family. Only the Tong family and their lackeys were kept in the dark.

Soon, the news of the presidential election was confirmed. The whole of Hwa Xia was focused on the election news. The candidate roster was long, and naturally, Tong Liang's name was there.

Xinghe had been busy with her research, so she only caught up to recent news when she had free time. To her surprise, she found her name on the roster list as well

Xinghe was surprised when she found out.

"Why is my name there?" She did not recall registering. Ali's group ignored her comment and were happy on her behalf.

"Xinghe, after this election, you will be the world's youngest female president; everyone will definitely love you," Ali said excitedly.

Sam smiled proudly. "Naturally, our Xinghe was born for greatness such as this."

"When you are president, you have to let us continue our duties as your bodyguards. Don't replace us with some other people," Cairn told her seriously.

Ee Chen said as he scratched his chin, "Doesn't this mean I am going to be the President's personal student?"

Ali cheered out loud, "Yay, our Xinghe is going to become president!"

"Quiet down please. I was asking, why is my name there?" Xinghe asked with exasperation, "Who registered my name?"

This kind of election required personal registration, and those without a certain caliber wouldn't even be able to register. Many who knew they were not qualified did not waste time trying to register. Xinghe did not think she was qualified to run for the presidency.

"It's me," Mubai suddenly answered in his signature low growl. "It was me who helped you register."

Xinghe looked at him with apparent shock. "But why?"

Mubai looked intensely at her and said with a smile, "Because the position suits you."

"How does it suit me?" Xinghe's brows were furrowed deeply. "How come you did not discuss it with me first?"

"If you don't like it, you can always bow out. But I feel you'd better go fight for it."

"Why?" Xinghe was confused.

Mubai explained slowly, "Because you will be in danger."

Xinghe was utterly astounded. What danger, how come she had no idea?

Even Ali's group were startled. "What kind of danger Xinghe will be exposed to?"

"That's right, what danger is this?"

"None of you thought of this?" Mubai asked them in return, even though his question was mostly directed at Xinghe.

Xinghe's mind was blank. Seeing her response, Mubai knew the thought had not crossed her mind.

"How come you are always so meticulous when it comes to other people but so careless it comes to yourself?" Mubai grumbled helplessly, "Haven't you thought of the great danger that you will face in the near future?"

"What" Danger.

Before Xinghe finished, the answer struck her like a red-hot iron.

"You mean, He Lan Yuan is coming for my life?"

Mubai nodded solemnly. "That's right, he will try to kill you, and he will not rest until his objective is achieved."

Ali and the rest seemed to finally get it as well.