Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Fallen Into Chui Mings Hands
Chapter 95: Fallen into Chui Ming's Hands

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Truth be told, a flash of murderous intent did appear in his mind.

If murder wasn't illegal by law, he would have leapt forward and taken Chui Ming's life!

Xiao Mo didn't care to hide the hatred in his eyes. Chui Ming saw it and said contemptuously, "Is that you, Xiao Mo? Long time no see."

"Indeed, it has been a long time. Good people always die young, don't they? No wonder you're still alive and well," Xiao Mo responded sarcastically, trying his best to suppress his urge to punch Chui Ming in the face.

Chui Ming's eyes turned a shade colder and he replied with a venomous smile, "I'm glad to see you as well because I assumed you would have killed yourself a long time ago."

Once, Xiao Mo did try to fight back against Chui Ming.

He had even brought his case to court but it was thrown out almost immediately. Chui Ming was simply too powerful for him to tackle.

He not only failed to take his revenge but also had all his lifelines cut off courtesy of Chui Ming.

Chui Ming had him blacklisted in City T so he had no chance of survival. Chui Ming also actively found ways to hurt Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo had no choice but to bring his sister into hiding, eking out a living at the fringe of society.

His life could be distilled down to one word, pain.

Time didn't erode his hatred towards Chui Ming, instead it had sharpened it.

Alas, the only one hurt by that hatred was Xiao Mo himself. He was reminded day after day that revenge was impossible.

He had resigned to bringing the rancor to his grave but thankfully God had given him a ray of hope.

The Hacker Competition was that ray of hope!

Xiao Mo hid his enmity and forced a sly smile, adding, "I'm sorry for being alive. That must have been such a disappointment for you."

"It is," Chui Ming glowered at him suspiciously before asking, "But why are you here?"

"None of your business." Xiao Mo didn't want to talk to the man anymore, he turned to leave.

He couldn't waste any more time grinding gears with Chui Ming lest he found out what he was doing there.

Chui Ming would put a forced stop to their plan if he knew.

Before Xiao Mo could leave, Chui Ming stepped before him, blocking his way. The bodyguards behind him eyed Xiao Mo like he was a dead man. With a snap of their boss' finger, that was what he would be.

Xiao Mo narrowed his eyes at them and said, "Move out"

"Why are you here?" Chui Ming interrupted him rudely, "Xiao Mo, don't make me repeat myself the third time. You know what will happen."

Xiao Mo took a quick step back. "I don't believe you have the guts to do anything at a public place like this!"

"Grab the thief!" Chui Ming suddenly yelled, and his bodyguards immediately came at Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo tried to struggle and run but the few physically-impressive bodyguards had him pinned to the floor instantly!

In the midst of the struggle, a CD fell out of his shirt

Stopping right beside Chui Ming's foot.

Xiao Mo's expression changed immediately, he could feel his heart at his throat.

"Let me go!" He struggled vehemently trying to claim back the CD. Just as his hand was about to reach it, Chui Ming's waxed leather shoe stepped onto the CD proprietarily.

At that moment, Xiao Mo could feel his soul leaving his body.

Chui Ming saw Xiao Mo's reaction and he chuckled joyfully, adding, "Look at you, so worried and flustered. There must be something important in here."

It was more than important, it was his friends' dreams and hope.

Without it, they had no chance of beating Chui Ming. Revenge? They could keep on dreaming.

Alas, such an important thing had fallen into Chui Ming's hands.

If Chui Ming knew what was inside the CD, would he destroy it?

Just thinking about it made Xiao Mo's vision go black