Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Yes Im Begging You
Chapter 96: Yes, I'm Begging You!

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"Well, let me see what's inside here," Chui Ming said with a taunting laugh, "Is it some kind of software?"

"Chui Ming, give me back my stuff, it's mine!" Xiao Mo yelled angrily. He almost broke free through sheer force of rage.

The more he struggled, the better Chui Ming felt.

He squatted down and spat into his face, "What do you mean it's yours? Everyone here saw you steal this from me so how dare you say that it's yours?"

There was deep-seated rancor in Xiao Mo's eyes.

Chui Ming said almost the same thing when he took over the software he designed so many years ago.

What do you mean it's yours? This is mine. You stole this from me and you have the audacity to claim ownership over it? Would you believe I have a hundred ways of making your life hell?

The thing was his, he designed the software.

But somehow, overnight it became Chui Ming's and he was branded a thief. Thanks to Chui Ming, he was forced to spend one month in jail. Needless to say, Chui Ming had greased some palms to make sure his month in prison was the darkest period of his life.

Xiao Lin begged Chui Ming to let her precious brother out of prison. Chui Ming agreed on the condition that she sold him her body. For the sake of her brother's freedom, Xiao Lin agreed.

Not only did Chui Ming rape her day after day, he rented her out as a gift to his men and friends.

Hell-bent on saving Xiao Mo, Xiao Lin silenced her inner self and suffered quietly. But little by little, her grasp on reality slowly frayed.

When Xiao Mo was granted his early release, there was simply nothing left in Xiao Lin. There was no fun f*cking a puppet that wouldn't respond so Chui Ming eventually cut her loose.

When Xiao Mo knew what had happened, he was ready to kill Chui Ming.

But then he thought of the price his sister had to pay for his freedom and he relented.

He refocused his priority and realized he needed to first find a quiet place for his sister to recover.

Of course, Chui Ming didn't let them off so easily. He ruined Xiao Mo's prospect around the city, basically starving them to death.

He could officially take over his software once Xiao Mo was dead.

To survive, Xiao Mo left the city and set up a life for himself and his sister at the Northern Pier fishing village.

He would kill Chui Ming every night in his sleep.

However, reality would come crashing down on him every morning, knowing that his dream would always be a dream.

Still, he held onto hope, as long as he had a breath in him, he believed revenge would eventually be his!

Thankfully, the heavens above heard his prayers and sent Xia Xinghe his way.

She gave him a hope at revenge.

The hope was materialized and compacted into that one CD.

But now, once again, it had fallen into Chui Ming's hands!

The Gods seemed to be toying with him, giving him hope then so heartlessly wrenching it away. Was history going to repeat itself?

No, he would not let it!

"Chui Ming, I beg you to please return the CD to me. Today, you have everything and I have nothing, so please don't take this away from me. I beg you, please!"

Chui Ming was pleasantly surprised, he didn't expect the arrogant Xiao Mo whom he once knew to actually beg him.

He cackled victoriously, adding, "Are my ears tricking me? Xiao Mo, are you really begging me?"

Xiao Mo's fingers gripped the floor so hard that they were bone-white, he swallowed his pride and said, "Yes, I'm begging you!"

Chui Ming continued laughing. His mouth curved venomously like a scorpion's tail, adding, "Looks like this thing is very important to you if you're willing to beg me for it."

Xiao Mo chuckled self-deprecatingly, "After you've reached the very bottom, what's pride anymore? Begging you is nothing."

Chui Ming believed him.