Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Get Xia Xinghe Out Of There
Chapter 98: Get Xia Xinghe Out of There

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Feeling the solid CD in his hands, Xiao Mo felt immediately comforted.

He struggled to stand up and when he finally did, there was an iron-y taste in his mouth.

It was blood from his gum because he was gnashing his teeth too hard.

Xiao Mo took a deep breath and stared heavily down the direction Chui Ming went. Then, he picked up his speed and left.

No matter what, he had to get their software registered before the panel closed

He wondered how things went with Xia Zhi, whether he managed to locate Xi Mubai.

Things fared comparatively better for Xia Zhi.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Xia Zhi called his senior Junting directly to ask for Mubai's phone number.

After he received his call, Mubai immediately had someone bring Xia Zhi to him.

Xia Zhi followed Chang An to an opulent break room. Mubai sat within waiting for him.

This was the first time Xia Zhi came face-to-face with Mubai.

The man lounged leisurely on the sofa, his expression unreadable. Even though he knew Xia Zhi was Xinghe's cousin, he didn't act in any way differently.

It was as if the person standing before him was his worker or a random stranger.

Xia Zhi felt incredibly uneasy because he and his sister did rudely reject Mubai's cheque offer previously at the hospital.

He wondered if Mubai would take that offence to heart and refuse to lend his aid.

Standing there, Xia Zhi started to have doubts. His sister had never once thought of coming to Mubai for help so maybe he had stepped out of line.

After all, they were divorced. Mubai was under no responsibility to help them. It was already great that he didn't cause them troubles like certain individuals whom Xia Zhi unfortunately knew.

But it was too late for all that now.

"Speak, what is so important that you have to go through Junting to find me?" Mubai asked.

Xia Zhi replied in a whisper, "Mr. Xi, I know I shouldn't have disturbed you but you are the only person who can help my sister now. So please hear me out."

Mubai's eyes darkened. "Xia Xinghe? What happened to her?"

"Chui Ming and the lot sued her for libel. She is currently being detained by the police but my sister has something important to do today, we need to get her out! Unfortunately, we don't have the influence you do to bust her out," Xia Zhi finished in a quick breath and waited for Mubai to respond.

He was afraid Mubai would give him a straight-up no.

However, Mubai's expression remained unchanged. He merely asked, "It was Xia Xinghe who asked you to come find me?"

"No, I'm here on my own volition."

Xia Zhi wondered if he had pictured it but he believed he saw disappointment flash across Mubai's face for a brief moment.

Mubai remained silent. Xia Zhi had a feeling that he was not going to get the help he sought.

Xia Zhi was crestfallen but it couldn't be helped, after all, Mubai didn't have any obligation to help them.

"Are you done?" Mubai asked suddenly.

Xia Zhi opened his mouth but no words came out. His heart hit ground bottom.

Mubai was subtly asking him to leave.

Mubai didn't ask for more details so it would seem like he wasn't going to get himself involved

"I'm sorry for disturbing you!" Xia Zhi turned to leave. He didn't think pestering and begging Mubai would change his mind.

But what about his sister?

Looked like it was really up to him and Xiao Mo to handle the Hacker Competition.

What Xia Zhi didn't know was that after he left the room, Mubai ordered Chang An, "Contact Lawyer Kim and bring him to the police station. Get Xia Xinghe out of there no matter what."