Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 99

Chapter 99 We Meet Again
Chapter 99: We Meet Again

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"Yes, sir!" Chang An left after receiving the order.

On the way to the police station, Xinghe wrecked her brain trying to find herself a way out.

The Hacker Competition would start at 10.30 am. Everything would be fine if she could get to the venue before then.

It was now 10 am

However, Xinghe had a gut feeling that she couldn't untangle herself from this mess within half an hour.

Her feeling was confirmed when the car arrived at the police station.

When the police car stopped, she saw Wushuang and Wu Rong descend from a luxurious limo.

Following behind them was a smart-looking lawyer in a pressed suit.

Try as she might, Wushuang couldn't hide the smirk on her face when she saw Xinghe sitting in the police car like a criminal.

The mother-and-daughter pair purposely strode up to the police car as Xinghe was escorted out of it. Wushuang added snidely, "Xia Xinghe, bet you didn't see this coming, huh? You thought you had me beaten with the whole 'I have you framed' debacle? Hah! Just look at the situation now. I'm barely stung, but you're going to pay for defaming my name!"

To be fair, Xinghe did know the case wouldn't stick.

Chui Ming had power and influence, he could easily toss the case out.

Money and authority can buy many things.

Xinghe, who had neither, couldn't even challenge a weak libel lawsuit, and was forcefully brought to the police station.

She might even have to spend a night there

Xinghe felt something boiling within her facing her own helplessness once again.

However, on the surface, she remained unmovable. She replied, "I fail to see how I'm going to pay for your carelessness and stupidity."

Being reminded of her humiliation at the birthday party, Wushuang lit up like a match hitting a pool of oil.

She hated how unfazed Xinghe was even at a time like this!

Wushuang wanted to see her squirm. She added nastily, "You b*tch, I will make you regret ever being born! Lawyer Zhang, tell her what we're charging her for!"

Lawyer Zhang who stood at the side told Xinghe with contempt in his every word, "Xia Xinghe, Chui Corps has suffered great losses directly caused by your baseless accusation. My client is suing you for 20,000,000 RMB in monetary losses and you're facing at least one year of incarceration!"

"Did you hear that? One year of incarceration and 20,000,000 RMB in compensation. Xia Xinghe, your whole estate is not even worth that much but don't worry I'll make sure to squeeze your cousin and uncle for every penny they're worth while you're in prison!" Wushuang cackled triumphantly before adding, "However, if you're willing to get down on your knees and beg me, I might consider asking for less."

They say opposites attract, the reality couldn't be more far from it for the Wushuang and Chui Ming couple. They were both sadistic to a psychotic degree.

A laugh escaped Xinghe's mouth. "Beg you?"

She looked at Wushuang condescendingly like she was looking at a piece of garbage and scoffed, "You wouldn't be able to take it."

Wushuang could feel her blood pressure rising. She gave a series of chilling laugh and said, "Have it your way! Xia Xinghe, you'll soon find out what is the meaning of hell on Earth! By then, even if you kneel down to lick my heels, I wouldn't let you off the hook!"

"I want to tell you the same thing, don't even think of begging me in the future. I'm telling you now, it won't work," Xinghe said calmly.

The b*tch thinks she still has a future after this?

Wushuang and Wu Rong almost had their backs broken from laughing too hard, entertained by that thought.