Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Ears Turning Unbelievably Red

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Her body shape was displayed as she stretched.

“Are you done?”

Fu Huai’an’s deep voice rang beside her ears and Lin Nuan withdrew her outstretched arms, looking towards his direction.

Holding an ashtray, He leaned against the door frame of the balcony’s sliding door, a cigarette between his slender fingers letting out white smoke. Fu Huai’an’s features looked more distinct under the light.

Noticing that it was already 12.40a.m., Lin Nuan hurriedly stood up, saying, “En, sorry, I delayed your resting time. The driver must have been waiting for a long time? I’ll leave right now…”

As she spoke, Lin Nuan put her phone away in her pocket.

Fu Huai’an tapped the cigarette ash into his ashtray and said, “I saw that you were busy working, so I let the driver return home to rest.”

Lin Nuan paused, “…”

It was already dawn. It was bad to let others wait for her and stop them from resting.

It wasn’t hard to get a cab at that time, just that it was more dangerous for a lady to be by herself, plus it was quite a distance from Fu Huai’an’s place to a place where she could flag a cab.

She was embarrassed to ask Fu Huai’an to send her somewhere she could grab a taxi. After all, Fu Huai’an was tired since he’d just returned from an overseas business trip, and she had already delayed his resting time…

But if she borrowed his car, could he find it safe in her hands? Fu Huai’an’s car was expensive.

Seeing Lin Nuan’s frown from her internal conflict, Fu Huai’an straightened up and walked towards the sofa, saying, “It’s almost 1a.m., by the time you get back, will you still have time to rest?”

Lin Nuan looked at Fu Huai’an who was placing the ashtray down, biting onto a cigarette as he bent down… His clothes tightening against his back muscles.

She retreated to maintain a safer distance from Fu Huai’an.

Fu Huai’an’s dark gaze glanced at Lin Nuan. Seeing that she was reservedly maintaining a distance from himself, he removed the cigarette between his lips and said, “Stay here tonight…”

She remembered what Fu Huai’an said when he saw someone he liked—his mind was filled with images of her naked body. Connected with the sentence Fu Huai’an just said, alarm bells went off in Lin Nuan’s mind and she looked towards him with guarded eyes, taking yet another involuntary step back as she went over the meaning behind his words.

Fu Huai’an narrowed his eyes and stood up straight, the cigarette back in his mouth as he stuck both hands in his pockets. He looked strong and stable, his dark and calm gaze making Lin Nuan panic.

The tall and broad Fu Huai’an stood there, not wearing any home clothes. Instead, he wore a light blue shirt that was unbuttoned at the top and tucked into his neat formal pants, the belt buckle intricately carved, his legs looking long and straight.

Lin Nuan met Fu Huai’an’s probing gaze, her ears turning unbelievably red.

Fu Huai’an wasn’t planning to stay at the villa tonight, he still had to return to work. He originally wanted to let Lin Nuan rest first, before letting the driver send her to the broadcast station later.

But seeing Lin Nuan’s stance as though she was facing a great enemy, Fu Huai’an’s heart mysteriously fluttered. He remembered earlier on the sofa downstairs—Lin Nuan’s beautiful smile, her elegant neckline, and her slender arms…

His long legs walked towards Lin Nuan, who took a step back, her heart feeling like it was about to leap out of her throat.

When Fu Huai’an went forward once more, Lin Nuan took another step back, her palms sweating and her heart panicking to the point where she couldn’t meet Fu Huai’an’s gaze.

Lowering her gaze, she saw Fu Huai’an’s pretty belt buckle and her cheeks burned, looking away, retreating before Fu Huai’an made any more actions.