My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661 The Ruthlesss Qingfeng Li

Ya Yun walked to Qingfeng Li and handed the white bone to him, saying, “Here is what you bought for 5.4 billion emperor-grade vitality stones. You are truly wealthy.”

She didn’t understand why Qingfeng Li would buy this white bone since she didn’t know what the bone really was.

With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and said, “Ya Yun, one day you will regret that you have lost a treasure.”

Qingfeng Li smiled and put the white bone into his interspatial ring.

Ya Yun smiled slightly and said her congratulations to Qingfeng Li before returning to the auction platform.

Standing on the auction platform, she said to the self-cultivators in the auction hall, “Thank you all for coming to the Imperial Capital Auction. Today’s auction ends now.”

Then she left the auction platform after casting a weird glance toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li, Li Yang, and Black Puppy were about to leave when the Second Prince called to him.

The Second Prince warned Qingfeng Li, “You must be careful. I don’t know what the white bone is, but you have spent 5.4 million emperor-grade vitality stones on it. I’m afraid some forces will try to take it from you by force and some of them will try to even kill you for it.”

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and said, “Second Prince, don’t worry. I’m aware of it and I will be fine.”

After chatting with the Second Prince for a while, Qingfeng Li left the second private booth with Li Yang and Black Puppy and walked toward their hotel.

They were only 100 meters away from the Imperial Capital Auction House when they encountered two men. They were wearing blue clothes and their brawny bodies emitted overwhelming presence.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes sharpened when he recognized them as the bodyguards of the Crown Prince. Although he didn’t know their names, he had seen them with the Crown Prince.

The tall middle-aged man looked at Qingfeng Li and said, “Hand over the white bone. The Crown Prince wants it.”

“F**k off!”

Qingfeng Li sneered and cussed at them.

The middle-aged tall man’s face fell, and a chilling light flashed in his eyes. He slammed his palm toward Qingfeng Li, revealing his strength as a ninth level emperor realm master.

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He whipped out his right hand and used the Seventh Fist Shattering the Body of the Strangle Hell Fist.

The Seventh Fist was so powerful that it cracked the air, and as fast as a bolt of lightning, it crashed onto the middle-aged man instantly.

With a deafening cracking sound, the tall middle-aged man’s body was split into two bloody halves which dropped on the ground, dead.

The other middle-aged man’s expression changed sharply, and terror appeared in his eyes.

He had not expected that his companion would be hacked into two halves by Qingfeng Li in the blink of an eye. It was a pitiful sight.

Without hesitation, he turned to run from the devilish existence.

“Go to Hell.” With a yell, Qingfeng Li slammed out his right fist again which shot out a beam of black light cutting the middle-aged man into two halves. He dropped onto the ground.

The watching self-cultivators were all stunned by the sight.

They had not expected Qingfeng Li would be so powerful and vicious that he would cut people into two halves with one fist strike. He was like a devil straight out from Hell.

This effect was just what Qingfeng Li desired. He killed the Crown Prince’s guards to shock and awe those self-cultivators who had their eyes on his treasure.

He knew that some self-cultivators would come and try to take the white bone he bought for 5.4 million emperor-grade vitality stones by force. Many of them were lurking around and could attack him any moment.

But when they witnessed Qingfeng Li’s power and viciousness, they were scared and dared not to do it anymore because they were afraid they would end up into two halves like the Crown Prince’s two bodyguards.

Qingfeng Li said to Black Puppy and Li Yang, “Hurry up and Let’s get out of here.”

They transformed into flashes of lightning and returned to their hotel shortly.

At the same time, Leng Xie, the lord of Scorpion Alliance, the Crown Prince, the master of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion and the vice leader of the Martial Alliance all came to the place where Qingfeng Li had been.

They had followed him closely to try to siege him but found that he was gone.

Seeing his two bodyguards were cut in halves, the Crown Prince’s face turned livid with rage.

A flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He said coldly, “Qingfeng Li, you dared to kill my men. You just wait! I will kill you one day.”

Seeing the Crown Prince’s dead bodyguards, the other forces looked around.

They had sensed the two bodyguards were both pinnacle ninth level emperor realm masters, but they had been easily killed by Qingfeng Li. They could imagine Qingfeng Li’s powerful battle force.

Back at the hotel, Qingfeng Li closed all the doors and windows. Still, he felt unsafe.

He took out some vitality stones and built two arrays. One was an emperor-grade defense array and the other was a soundproofing array.

The emperor-grade defense array was to protect him from enemies’ attacks and the soundproofing array would keep out all the noises that would interrupt his cultivation.

The moment when he bought the white bone, he knew that he had made many enemies, each of which was a famous force on the Crimson Fire Continent and they would never let him go easily.

What he needed to do now was immediately refine the white bone and break through into the supreme realm. After that, he would have the power to kill them all.

With a smile, Qingfeng Li asked the soul of the Fire Dragon in his mind, “Senior, how do I refine the dragon bone?”

The soul of the Fire Dragon flew out of his mind and transformed into a golden dragon.

It carefully stared at the dragon bone in Qingfeng’s hand, releasing its godly dragon prestige and feeling the aura inside.