My Gorgeous Wife Chapter 3615

Chapter 3615: Elder Sister, the fastest update of the latest chapter of my best beauty wife!

Chen Yang was slightly startled, but he was funny in his heart, and naturally he would not believe this kind of nonsense that Reggae said. But whether you believe it or not, immediately waved your hand and said, "President, please don't make this kind of joke with me. I am not interested in these things. One day, I will visit the outer star universe."

Cang Hailan had heard Chen Yang talk about this kind of ambition, so it was not surprising at the moment. Reggae was the first to hear about it, and he wondered: "Visit the outer star universe?" Chen Yang said: "This world is huge, and the eternal star field is not all of the universe. On the contrary, the eternal star field is just a piece in the sea. Its just sand and rocks. Our cosmic power is only available in the star field, and beyond the star field, the power will become different. This road is difficult to walk, but I will try to try and go. If it doesnt work, then It's another story."

Reggae suddenly realized, "It turns out that you have always thought this way. I now understand why you can do what we can't do. You really have high ambitions, more than we thought. I The place where the elder He looked is still only in this eternal star field." These words are indeed his inner thoughts. Originally, there was some worry that Chen Yang was too powerful and would be too threatening in the future. Now that he heard Chen Yang's remarks, he finally understood the world of this young man.

Chen Yang's heart is like a mirror, knowing what to say when. Before the strength is reached, he will not investigate the matter of Tianhe Divine Kingdom. Now, he is a person who pursues power and intends to visit farther stars and sea.

After leaving Reggae and Cang Hailan, Chen Yang returned to the Temple of War.

He called Ku Ziyu from his bedroom, and the call was quickly connected. Ku Ziyu agitated Chen Yang a little, and said that she would go to the Illumination Council with her, but now she has not fulfilled her promise.

Chen Yang repeatedly apologized, with an extremely sincere attitude, and promised Ku Ziyu that within a month, he would definitely come to the Primitive Academy first. Ku Ziyu wasn't the one who was unreasonable and unforgiving, so he soon smiled.

After Chen Yang became the director of the Department of God of War, many old friends became respectful of Chen Yang, but Ku Ziyu was the only one who was not affected by this. He treated Chen Yang as he did before, laughing and cursing. But it is also because in the past, now, she has never had any ambitions against Chen Yang. No matter how bad you are, I will not look down on you and alienate you. No matter how well you mix, I will not try to get anything from you.

After talking on the phone with Ku Ziyu, he asked Concubine Ying Xue to come over again.

He didn't intend to let Concubine Ying Xue know about things in the Hunyuan world. At the same time, they also told Tou Tuoyuan to keep secrets. This was mainly because Concubine Ying Xue's cultivation base was still too low, and outsiders knew the relationship between herself and her. Therefore, this important secret cannot be disclosed for the time being.

Things in the Hunyuan world will one day be known to the world, but when it is announced, it must be almost ready.

When Concubine Ying Xue came to Chen Yang's bedroom, she immediately told Chen Yang with great anxiety that Cang Hailan had doubts. Chen Yang smiled slightly and said: "It's all resolved."

Concubine Ying Xue's position is so low that she doesn't know that Chen Yang has been back for a few days. Chen Yang was too busy, and didn't come to talk to Concubine Ying Xue until this time.

"It's all solved? How did it happen?" Ying Xuefei's heartbeat speeded up, feeling that this matter was too serious, and she didn't know how much wind and rain would stir in it. Chen Yang smiled and said, "Sister, please practice quickly. There are many things that are not suitable to tell you at the moment, and you should not leave the court. When the time comes, I will tell you." Now Ying Xuefei has eliminated her demon and her thoughts. Mastery, there is no suffocation on the cultivation base. Where it was difficult to practice in the past, now it is gradually getting through. She began to touch the mystery of Zhou Xuan, and she was only one chance to break through. She used to be at a loss for Zhou Xuan, but now she is more confident. The spirit was refreshed and said, "I believe it will not take long before I can reach Zhou Xuan."

Chen Yang laughed and said, "That would be great. When you arrive at Zhou Xuan, you will enter my temple of the **** of war." After a pause, he said: "Although you are nominally my confidant, in fact, You will always be my elder sister." Ying Xuefei knew that Chen Yang was afraid that she would feel that she would have a psychological burden when she was a confidant, but she didn't care about this anymore. She grinned and said: "Wait, this day will not Far."

Chen Yang sees that her mental state is indeed very different now, and he is also happy for her. Later, after the two talked about some family routines, Chen Yang once again helped Ying Xuefei point out the obstacles in her cultivation. When the two were entwined with divine thoughts, Chen Yang showed off Zhou Xuan's many wonders, which made Concubine Ying Xue feel more confident.

On the second day, Chen Yang set off for Iron Star.

This time, he took Yuanfei and Jianshuang with him.

First took the cloud shuttle, then made a transfer, and then flew freely for a day before reaching the Iron Star. On the way, Chen Yang himself didn't bother to fly, and Yuanfei and Jianshuang were all doing coolies. Yuanfei and Jianshuang are loving and simple-minded. Both of them regarded Chen Yang as their real big brother, and Chen Yang also cared for them. So there are endless laughter and laughter along the way.

Yuan Fei is more like a silly boy, silly. He obeys Jianshuang every time...but don't look at him dumb, but his understanding of cultivation base is different from ordinary people.

The steel star is a planet with a very harsh climate, and most places are surrounded by steel. Only a few places have water resources and land that can be cultivated. The steel stars are generally tall, mighty, and ugly, with wrinkled bodies. The wrinkles are extremely hard... the men and women of the Iron Star are difficult to distinguish from outsiders.

The steel star has a long sunshine time, sixteen hours during the day and eight hours at night.

Chen Yang led Yuanfei and Jianshuang directly to Wangchuan City where Mingzhixia was located.

There are about 800 million people on Iron Star, and the aboriginal inhabitants are scattered everywhere, becoming various countries, tribes, and so on. Wangchuan City is a city occupied by the Eternal Race, and its geographical environment is very superior among the steel stars. Wherever the Eternal Clan goes, it will occupy the best things in the area.

The technology of Iron Star is quite advanced, and steel has played many uses under their use. But the most important thing on this planet is... lack of water.

The Eternal Race also didn't bother to solve the problem of water shortage for Iron Star. Anyway, they were backed by Danshui River in Wangchuan City, and there would be no shortage of water.

Arriving in Wangchuan City, the three of Chen Yang landed on a secluded tree-lined path. Above the steel star, Chen Yang saw the wilderness everywhere on the planet, his eyes dimmed. But after coming to the city of Wangchuan, I found that under the sun, the beauty of this city is not inferior to the original city.

It seems to be confirming that even the poorest countries also have the richest. There are even vagrants in even more developed countries.

Chen Yang said to Yuanfei and Jianshuang: "Well, you can go for free activities and find a place to live by yourself. When I need you, I will notify you. Or if you need me, you can also use voice transmission."

Yuan Fei and Jian Shuang immediately jumped for joy, and they left soon.

Chen Yang was a little excited, because he could see Mingzhixia soon.

Sometimes he really wants to go in for a relationship with Mingzhi Xia desperately, but deep in his heart he is a little afraid that she will be angry when she restores the memories of her previous life. Because if I really did this, it would be too authentic!

He didn't tell Ming Zhi Xia about the specific itinerary of the Iron Star, but he also wanted to give Ming Zhi Xia a surprise.

Divine Sense circulated, spread all over the four directions, and quickly locked the City Lord's Mansion.

At the same time, he also sensed a familiar breath, no doubt that it was the breath of knowing Xia. My heart was immediately ecstatic, and I wanted to fly into the City Lords Mansion immediately, but I always wanted to give some surprises...

When on earth, Chen Yang was once a prodigal son in love. So how to please girls, and even girls of different personalities and classes, is quite knowledgeable. "When Ziyi was on the earth, she didn't use anything except giving her fairy tools to please her. Now, she naturally likes good tools. But she has those things. Besides, in the treasures of the ancestors I have everything that I have, and I wont be sincere if I send it like this. Its better to return to the basics and send some flowers."

Mindful of this, he searched for a while in Wangchuan City, and quickly locked in the flower market.

Stepping on the door of the void, I went directly to the flower market, bought a large bouquet of flowers, and then came to the city lords mansion. The city lords mansion is magnificent and magnificent. The jade in pure daylight reveals the dignity. In front of the gate of the mansion, there are two statues of gods and beasts that are vivid and majestic.

The door was open and guards guarded the door. These guards are all Kaiser warriors. These Catherine Warriors possess the power of Zhou Li, and the Iron Stars are not their opponents at all.

"Are you?" The two Catherine Warriors usually looked up to the sky, but they were respectful when they saw Chen Yang.

Before Chen Yang could answer, they had recognized it, and immediately knelt down and said, "Lord, see Lord Zong!"

Chen Yang smiled: "Get up, you don't need to be polite. Knowing that Xia is my senior sister, I came here specifically to find her this time. Don't tell me, I want to surprise her."

The Catherine warriors immediately understood and gave way.

Entering the City Lords Mansion, you first pass through a lush garden, and then come to the inner gate. The inner door was also guarded by a Catherine warrior. As soon as Chen Yang arrived, a maid came forward to salute and said, "Master Ming is waiting in the hall!"

Chen Yang couldn't help but laughed, and he was still discovered by Xia knowingly. The reason why he didn't use magic power when he came in was because he knew that when the magic power moved, he couldn't escape from opening the eyes of Zhixia. However, after thinking about it carefully, the entire City Lord's Mansion must be under the shroud of knowing Xia, and I can't hide it from her.

As the maid entered the inner hall, she saw Mingzhixia's back.

Knowing that Xia turned her back to the door, her slender back curve was perfect.

"Senior Sister!" Chen Yang smiled and shouted.

Knowing that Xia turned around, and saw her wearing a black windbreaker with a beige shirt inside, her long hair fluttering and her face like a peach blossom. This time around, it really is the coexistence of heroism and coquettishness. Between a frown and a smile, it is confusing. Few women can match her unique sassy and noble temperament.

When she saw Chen Yang, she found that Chen Yang was holding a large bouquet of red roses.

This was something she didn't expect, her cheek flushed slightly, and an unspeakable joy suddenly appeared in her heart.