My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 1

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 1 Lopez Family..

The sunlight shone through the glass window and fell on the bed where a girl is sleeping peacefully..

Her hair is disheveled beautifully on her petite face hiding half of it. Whereas the warm sunlight made her exposed skin, uncovered from her sleeping pajamas, shine so brightly and this made her flawless face even more beautiful and stunning.

Suddenly a knock was heard from her door. It started becoming louder and louder by each passing seconds..

Being frustrated by the growing banging sound of the door, the petite woman groggily woke up from her beauty sleep and got up to open the door..

Seeing the person in front of her, she pouted but before she could ask any question the woman standing in front of her asked angrily, "Are u a pig, Veronica? How can you sleep like a dead-body even when I'm banging the door from almost ten minutes? I just can't believe that you are my daughter.How can you be so lazy when you are just 26?"

Analyzing the mood of the flared up woman in front of her, Veronica pouted again and replied in a cute voice, "Oh my goddess mommy, my beautiful and most gorgeous mother in the world, you don't at all look good when you are angry.. So, why to make this beautiful face ugly with anger for this little peasant..And for your kind information it's not even 9 am when u woke me up from my precious sleep and now you are calling me a pig!!"

Seeing her pouting lips, Mrs. Lopez smiled slightly and said, "Okay, okay, enough with this 'acting cute' drama my drama queen. Your dad is waiting in the dining hall for you. So, go get freshen up quickly and come down soon.. Breakfast is ready.."

"Yo Mom, just give me 10 minutes and I'll be back", saying this Veronica rushed towards her bathroom.

Mother Lopez also shook her head in amus.e.m.e.nt and went downstairs.

After ten minutes..

A girl in her mid twenties descended down the stairs. She is wearing a white t-shirt with bunny printing, which was paired up with a medium-blue colored high waist ripped jeans while her hair was tied in a high ponytail, making her look like a 18 year old girl.

Her eyes are of dark brown shade contrasting her light brown silky hair..Her cheeks have a pinkish blush due to the shower and her natural pink lips are a little red because of lip balm and her long straight ponytail is falling on her left shoulder giving her a charming look..She was wearing a Omega watch on her left hand paired up with snickers adorning her foot.. All in one, she is giving an innocent and positive vibe but still vibrating with an intimidating aura..

She entered the dining hall with a bright smile and back-hugged the man sitting on the head chair.

"Good morning Dad" she greeted and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

Veronica's dad Mr. James Lopez turned his head and gave his daughter a sweet kiss on her forehead.. "Good morning my princess.. Have you slept well?"

"Yup Dad, I slept quite well but your precious wife woke me up with her loud voice early in the morning and not to add that, today is my holiday", she complained while sitting on the left side of her father..

Mr. Lopez patted her hair and said in a loving manner, "Aww! My poor baby. Okay I'll scold your mommy on your behalf."

"Yup Yup Dad.. You should. How can she disturb your darling daughter's beauty sleep??"

Right then a sound of clearing throat was heard. The father-daughter duo turned to look at the source of noise and cheekily smiled. Veronica's mother, Mrs. Jessica Lopez gave them a deadly glare and scoffed, "I'm sitting right in front of you and still both of you have guts to badmouth me?"

Mr. Lopez immediately gave an apologetic look to his princess and then coaxed his wife, "Honey, how much guts do I have to badmouth you? It's just that....."

"Ok ok, now stop both of you. I have something to tell you guys. You both didn't forget about my best friend Victoria's party tomorrow, right??" Mrs. Lopez interrupted her husband before he could talk on behalf of their daughter.

"Yes darling. How can we forget about that? After all, this is none other than the success party for that young fella."

"Hmm good. Vero , you are going with me for shopping after breakfast." Mother Lopez ordered.

"But Mom, I already have many dresses." Veronica tried to decline.

"No buts, you're coming with me and that's final."

As Veronica understood that there are no chances for her escape, she sighed and nodded her head. Then the three of them continued their breakfast laughing and chatting..