My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 100

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 100 Rubbish Excuses..

Soon Monday came and Veronica was already in her office, getting some work done. She was checking some new project ideas to decide which one to select.

Finalizing everything she finally chose the best one and informed Willa to call the team for an urgent meeting who were handling this project.

Few minutes later, Willa knocked on her door and came inside as she said, "Ma'am I have settled the meeting with our team half an hour later. Is there anything else you need?"

Veronica looked up at her from the computer and replied, "Nothing much. Just make a coffee for me if you can."

"And for me too." Another voice came from the door.

Louis entered the room and took a seat on the chair opposite to Veronica. He then looked at Willa again and said for the second time, "I also want a cup of coffee for me."

Veronica rolled her eyes at his behavior and scoffed, "Don't you have your own assistant to order around?"

"Yes. I do. But still Willa make the best coffee." Louis eyed at Willa which in turn received a scowl from her.

After Lucinda came back with two cups of coffee and handed them to the both, she was going to leave the office when Louis stopped her, "Willa stay here. I have something to tell you both."

Willa looked at Veronica asking for permission if she should stay or leave and in response got a swift nod from Veronica. So she sat beside Louis and focused on him.

"So what do you want to say?" Veronica asked as she took a sip of the coffee.

Louis gave a quick stare at both of the girls and said, "Well, my assistant got a call from Mr. Brown's assistant asking for an appointment with us."

Willa frowned at this and questioned, "Mr. Brown? As the CEO of Brown Corporation?"

Nodding at Willa, Louis looked at Veronica who was now in a deep thought and asked her, "What do you think about this? Should I accept for an appointment with them or not?"

Veronica scratched her chin with her index finger and gave her attention back to Louis, "I think you should accept it to find what they want from us and if they are talking for any collaborations then go through the deal first then inform me about it. If the deal is negotiable then we'll decide later to take it or not. And don't agree with the appointment right now, take two or three days before it."

"I understand." Louis said before leaving Veronica's office.

"Ma'am.. it's also been the time for the meeting." Willa reminded her she checked her watch.

Finishing the coffee, Veronica got up before saying,, "Okay. Let's go then."

Veronica left the office with Willa carrying the important files and USB drive.



Reuben was sitting in one of the big room with two men kneeling in front of him with their hands and legs tied down.

The two men were looking extremely scared because of the surrounding around them. There were many armed men guarding the room. They were all bulky and extremely strong.

But what made them scared most was the big boss himself sitting in front of them with an expressionless stoic yet very cold face. His eyes were like an eagle, piercing through their body like a burning file which made them perspire from head to toe.

"Seems like you both didn't take our warning seriously last time." Reuben coldly stated to them.

The two men instantly shivered at the chilly voice and tried to defend themselves, "We didn't. We really did not do it."

Their denial made Reuben seethed in anger as he threw daggers at them through his eyes, "I don't like people who lie to me. I'll give one last chance to tell me the truth. Now say it before I order my men to do something which you will never expect."

The man with the black hair got the warning from him seriously and stuttered to say, "Ye.. Yes.. But we didn't have any choice to."

Reuben cut him off by slapping him hard in the face, "I don't like people giving me rubbish excuses after committing a huge crime."

Inhaling a deep breath to control his rage, he gritted his teeth, "I warned you the last time to not sell drugs anymore but you did the same thing again and now you are acting like you don't have any fault in any of these."

"So sorry sir. Please give us one last chance." This time y was the bald man who was apologizing to Reuben.

"Chance? Hahaha You guys must be kidding me." Reuben laughed in an evil voice which was enough to haunt them to their core.

After laughing for a while, Reuben turned all serious again and ordered one of his man, "Bring the knife and made a good cut at the side if their faces and later spread some chilli powder on the cut."

The man immediately brought the knife towards their faces when a voice loomed in the room.

"Seems like you are enjoying torturing them by yourself without me. That's not fair you know." A male voice thrilled in the room, making everyone snapped to the door to look for the person.

Whereas Reuben was not at all disturbed with the presence of the person as he was busy glaring at that two drug dealers.

"Huh? They don't seem to have many bruises on their body. Hadn't you done anything yet?" The man sat beside Reuben as he asked him the question.