My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 101

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 101 Hurl And Neo..

"Seems like you are enjoying torturing them by yourself without me. That's not fair you know." A male voice thrilled in the room, making everyone snapped to the door to look for the person.

Whereas Reuben was not at all disturbed with the presence of the person as he was busy glaring at that two drug dealers.

"Huh? They don't seem to have many bruises on their body. Hadn't you done anything yet?" The man sat beside Reuben as he asked him the question.

Reuben looked at the man who just came here and smirked, "I was waiting for you to come."

The man also gave a devilish grin and turned his state to the two kneeling men, "It's nice to meet you guys again."

The two men shuddered after seeing him and pleaded in a almost crying tone, "Please sir, leave us. Whatever we did , would not repeat again. We promise."

The man was very much handsome like Reuben and almost of the same height as him. He had a face worth of drooling over by girls. In comparison of looks and handsomeness, he was no less than Reuben and also equally dangerous when he got angry.

But who was the handsome man sitting there?

Well, he was none other than the heir and CEO of the Wilson Industries

The Neil Wilson

Neil gazed at Reuben and asked with his one brow raised, "Since you were waiting for me that's mean I can do whatever I want to with them, right?"

Nodding his head in confirmation at him, Reuben said, "Absolutely right. They are all yours to torture now."

Neil smirked after that and glared at the two persons on the floor. His eyes were holding so much anger for them that he might kill them if he couldn't control himself.

"We warned you both last time but you still didn't take us seriously! You guys think that we were joking when we told you not to sell drugs otherwise we would kill you. Huh?" Neil roared and kicked both of them on their faces.


Did Neil just kick them???

But why? Moreover what was he doing here?

Wasn't he a playboy who loved to fool around the girls and got into the pants with them.

Then how could he torture someone when he was never even serious with his life or other things.

Actually there was another identity of this man along with being the CEO of Wilson industries, he was the member of the legendary underworld group Secret 7..

He would not even think twice to kill any person who would try to harm any of his close ones. He was as much ruthless as Reuben Smith.

Reuben was the leader of Secret 7 and the other six members including Neil were his companions in controlling the top Empire of underworld.

Neil was known as the famous Neo in the business of underworld as it was his code name

Whereas the leader Reuben himself was known as Hurl

The name Hurl itself carried a huge and bold meaning which is FIRE.

Reuben really was a specimen of fire when he became angry. No one couldn handle him except one person when his fire alarm rang on..

Neil again kicked both of them but this time not on their faces but at their crotches which were the weakest point of any man's body and of course how can these two would survive when they were hit in their little members, by the great Neil Wilson.

They groaned in pain as tears rolled down from their eyes. The bald man apologized again, "Please please don't do this with us. We are really sorry for what we did. It will not happen again. We promise. Please leave us." He literally begged to the two rulling man who were sitting in front of them with their legs crossed.

Reuben who was enjoying the show till then, finally opened his mouth and what he said next made the two captivated man almost shriek in fear.

"Enough talk. You guys really talk too much. Seems like I have to cut your tongue to stop you from blabbering non-stop." Reuben coldly warned.

"No.. no.. no.. please don't.. don't do this" this time the other one begged.

"Shut the f.u.c.k." Reuben was cut off when his phone started ringing.

Reuben quickly took out his phone and warned the two men, "Don't you dare to make any noise otherwise.." he pointed towards their tongues and continued, "I'll cut those off from their mouths." Before answering the call.

This made Neil really frown because he knew Reuben would never pick up any phone call when he was attending such an interesting business if it was not very important.

But when Neil heard how Reuben greeted the other person on the phone, he smiled shaking his head.