My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 102

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 102 No Peck Only Proper Deep Kisses..

This made Neil really frowned because he knew Reuben would never pick up any phone call when he was attending such an interesting business if it was not very important. But when Neil heard how Reuben greeted the other person on the phone, he smiled shaking his head.

"Hey babe" Reuben said.

And it was enough for any fool who knew about Reuben and Veronica's relationship to understand that the caller was none other than Reuben's life, Veronica..

So it was just like a kid's play for Neil to understand that Veronica's identity by the tone Reuben was using, after all Neil was not only the best friend of Reuben but also the big brother of his cute little sister, Veronica

"Hi honey. Where are you?" Veronica asked on the phone.

"Well I can't tell you about this. It's a secret." Reuben chuckled.

Veronica on the other side was frustrated hearing this but didn't force him to say much. She just came to the point directly, "Benniee when will you finish your work?"

"Umm.. about half an hour later. Why?" Reuben said after checking his watch.

"Oh. Actually I don't have many work left today. So I thought to go back home soon." Veronica said.

Reuben looked in front and glared at the two men who were staring at him strangely. He ignored them and replied, "Okay. That'll not be the problem. I'll be there in 20 minutes."

Veronica squealed in joy when she heard this because she didn't want to go back home alone, so she spoke excitedly, "Really? Then we can buy some pastries on our way home from my favorite pastry shop. Yeipiee!!!"

Reuben laughed hearing his girlfriend's overexcited voice as she behaved like an excited kid, "All right. We'll go there and buy lots of pastries. Okay?"

"Oh.. Bennie. I love you so much baby." Veronica said making noise of kissing.

Reuben grinned at this as he replied back, "I love you too honey." Before cutting the call.

Then he turned towards Neil and said, "Bro. I have to go now. My baby is waiting for me in her office. So I've to hurry and pick her up. You handle these two bastards."

Neil nodded his head as an affirmation whereas Reuben turned his back towards those two little punks and growled with a smirk on his face, "Say thanks to God that I've to go and now you have to handle only one demon instead of two. But still, it's not time for you to be happy because one is enough to make your life hell. So wish you all the good luck."

Then he gave a bro-hug to Neil before saying, "Take care of these two. I'll call you later."

Neil also hugged him back before replying, "Don't worry. I'll not control myself in torturing our dear guests."

They grinned at each other before Reuben left the building in hurry.

Neil took his seat back and said to the two men who were shuddering in fear, "As you see that Hurl is already gone but that doesn't mean that Neo will leave you without any scratches. And if you thought those things then it was the stupidest idea you could ever have." Before holding a knife in his hand and scratching both of them in their chests.



"Willa, you also can go back soon today as there is no more important work left here." Veronica said to Willa who was busy checking some files.

Willa looked up from the file and said, "No ma'am. It's okay. I have to check this last file and then will take my leave."

"Oh come on Willa, this one is not much important for now. You just leave it here and check it tomorrow. You already had done enough work for today. So now let's leave." Veronica said after snatching the file from Willa and closed it off.

Willa sighed after her boss as she had no other choice other than packing her stuffs and going back home, making Veronica giggled.

The girls were going out of the building when Veronica noticed that Willa wasn't going to the parking lot. Usually she headed there first after leaving from work.

"Where are you going Willa? Aren't you planning to go home straight? And if you are then why are you going that way?" Veronica asked pointing at the way.

"No. I'm going home. But the thing is that my car had gone for a wash so I'll just take a cab." Willa replied.

"Oh. Then why don't you come with me and Bennie. We'll drop you." Veronica offered.

"No. It's okay Vero.. " Before Willa could complete, Veronica dragged her towards the parking lot and noticing Reuben's car, she pushed her in the backseat before sitting on the passenger seat.

Before Willa could complain, Vero told the amazed Reuben who was looking at both of them stupidly, "Honey, let's drop Willa first before we go to the pastry shop."

Reuben nodded his head before arguing, "Okay. I will. But before that, where is my good evening kiss?"

Veronica rolled her eyes before pecking his lips which made Reuben frowned.

"Babe.. that's not a kiss. It's called a peck. Now give me a proper kiss." Reuben cutely said.

"Stay happy with that kiss now Bennie. Don't be too demanding." Veronica scolded him.

"That's not fair. Did you forget our moto when we see each other after office. No peck, only proper deep kisses." demanded with a cute pout on his face as he hold her waist with his left hand, bringing her close to himself.