My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 103

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 103 Ultimate Winner..

"Babe.. that's not a kiss. It's called a peck. Now give me a proper deep kiss." Reuben demanded with a cute pout in his face as he hold her waist with his left hand bringing her close to himself.

Obviously how could Veronica ignore him when he pouted so cutely. And it's not like anything very big that Reuben demanded from her.

So without any other thoughts, she just dived in for a kiss which made Reuben grinned on her lips as he started coping up with her pace, letting his tongue enter in her mouth, kissing passionately.

*ahem* *ahem*

A sudden cough broke the couple from devouring each other as they turned their heads towards the backseat where a shy Willa was sitting, looking at them.

"Guys, don't forget that you guys are not alone here." Willa said being frustrated at this couple's shameless behaviour.

"Willa, it's not my fault that my girlfriend is so tempting that I can't hold myself from kissing her." Reuben said as a matter of fact.

Veronica glared at him, before saying, "Enough. Don't start to fight and drive now."

While they were nearing Willa's apartment, Veronica suddenly asked, "Willa.. How about you and Sam? Is everything okay between you guys?"

Willa smiled little before replying, "Everything is okay between us. Even he is very caring and considerable towards me."

Veronica nodded her head thinking something and looked at Reuben giving him a secret message through her eyes.

Reuben caught the meaning of her look and gazed back at the road. But suddenly he suggested, "What about a gathering up of all friends? We last had a meet up to celebrate Lucy and Henry's new relationship. So let's plan a small party with only friends. And Willa, you can bring Sam with you. It'll be good to meet him again and even we can name the party as both of yours 'dating party'."

Willa blushed at the last few words and replied, "Okay. I'll ask Sam about it then will inform you guys."

"That'll do." Reuben said before stopping the car in front of Willa's apartment.

They bade themselves goodbye and Reuben drove towards the pastry shop. And after buying some chocolate, mango and strawberry pastries, they went back to their home.


B city

Regina was sitting in her room holding a phone on her ear, speaking to someone or more like yelling at someone.

"Can't you even do this little job for me? What type of manager are you who can not even get a project for their own sake?" Regina yelled at her manager.

"You know I tried really hard to get the project for you but it's already given to someone else. So we can't do anything now." Her manager frustratingly said on the other side of the phone.

Willa shrieked at this and shouted at her manager, "You know what. You are good for nothing. I'll ask my brother instead of you for this project. And I am damn sure that he will let me have this by hook or crook "

Cutting the call angrily, Regina threw the showpiece near her on the floor, smashing into pieces before dialing up another number.

The phone kept ringing and ringing again and finally ended up being in a voicemail.

Regina kept calling again and again for five times but still no one picked up the phone. And at the sixth time, a mechanical voice told the other line was being switched off.

Gritting her teeth in anger, Regina threw the phone on her bed and started yelling loudly, "Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo How dare you not pick up my call? You always ignore me and my calls. Everytime.. everytime you would see me, you would behave like that I'm not even present there. Always avoiding and making me feel like some stupid girl always running behind you."

She then got up from the vanity chair and walked towards the window, taking some fresh air to cool herself down and finally she relaxed when she thought about her engagement with him.

She said with a smirk on her face, "Ignore ignore me as much as you want. But few months later you have to take me as your lawfully wedded wife. Then what will you do that time?"

After few seconds, Regina came back to her room and taking her phone back in her hand, she opened her gallery to find the pictures of Alonzo.

Opening a picture of him in a suit, she brushed her fingers over it, saying, "When I'll be Mrs. Brown, you have to live with me even if you do not want to. And then I'll wrap you around my finger so tight that you will have no other choice other than always listening to me. After all of your ignorance and insults, I'll be I'll be the ULTIMATE WINNER" she laughed cynically in triumph.