My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 104

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 104 More Than Hugging And Kissing..

Few days passed by and everything was going as usual in S City. The normal people were having their daily life struggles to fulfill their dreams while the rich people were mingling themselves to become more richer.

Alonzo Brown who just stepped into the business industry of S City, also wasn't among one of them to stay behind because he kept himself busy in his work. He had a meeting today with the CEO of Smith Enterprise about their joint project. That's why he was making sure all the files and presentations were all okay.

Because.. this time Alonzo was not visiting Smith Enterprise but Reuben himself was coming for the meeting to Brown Corporation.

They had met each other for few more times after their first consultant at Reuben's office. So for the first time ever, Alonzo would be welcoming Reuben in his office. So he wanted each and everything to be perfect.

"Bill, whenever Mr. Smith comes just inform me immediately. And again make sure that everything is ready." Alonzo ordered his assistant through the intercom.

About half an hour later, Alonzo got a call that Reuben and his assistant Tom along with some of his managers already had arrived. So without wasting a moment, Alonzo told Bill to direct them to his floor.

Alonzo then buttoned up his suit and walked towards the elevator to personally greet them.

As the elevator door opened, Reuben got out from it first followed by Tom and his managers.

"Welcome Mr. Smith to our company." Alonzo greeted as he stretched his hands out for a handshake.

Reuben shook his hand and nodded at him as they entered the meeting room.

As the meeting started, Alonzo showed some PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) to Reuben for the final check ups and talked about the final planning.

The final project was itself very good, making Reuben very much satisfied with it. So without further delay, both Reuben and Alonzo signed the contract, making them each other's business partners.

When the meeting come to an end, Bill whispered something into Alonzo's ear, making him nod his head.

Alonzo then looked at Reuben directly and asked, "Mr. Smith, actually I want to discuss with you about something."

Reuben looked up at him from the contract he was reading and asked, "Yes. So what is that you want to ask?"

"Actually, recently I have made an appointment with the vice-president of Creation for this upcoming project. It's a big one so I wanted to make the 3d and 2d models of the hotel with the help of the best multimedia company. And as everyone knows that Creation is the topmost company and always every business person's first choice. So I thought of Creation to handle our project's every animated work. What's your opinion about this?" Alonzo slowly spoke out about his plans to Reuben.

He became very tensed when Reuben didn't say anything back to him. He was internally praying that Reuben would agree to his suggestion so that he could have a benefit to work with another big company. But most importantly he could have the chance to be close with Veronica by working with her and later he could easily layout his plans regarding her.

But what he didn't expect was the ruffling feeling going in Reuben's head. He was feeling like he was flying in the air. Even without him doing anything or playing any stupid tricks, he could work with Creation.

Or should he say, he could spend more time with his beloved girlfriend and see her more. If they would work together then obviously Veronica have to handle their project and he would make sure of it.

Because how could he leave such a golden chance of having an office romance with the most beautiful lady of the world who was already his precious girlfriend. This way, he could get kisses and hugs from her even in the office hours and if he get further chance then he would also do more than hugging and kissing with her.

Just by thinking this, make the butterflies in his stomach jumping in excitement and unbeknownst to him, a small smile crept on his cold face which he immediately disguised by everyone by covering his mouth with his right hand, acting like he was thinking very hard about the proposal.

"Okay fine. It won't be any problem to work with Creation. You can talk with them and later inform me about what they say." Reuben said feigning that he was not too much interested about these things.

But this made Alonzo relax a lot as he already started planning in his mind to win the girl back to him again.

Shaking each other's hand, Reuben left Brown Corporation and got in his car. Just thinking about his girlfriend, he wanted to talk to her and he did so.

Reuben called Veronica and after few rings, she picked up the call.

"Hey honey, already missing me?" Veronica's voice resonated from the call.