My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 105 The Boss Is Not Me But Your Girlfriend..

"Hey honey, already missing me?" Veronica's voice resonated from the call.

"Oh baby. You know, I always miss you." Reuben said.

"Aww.!! I miss you too. So honey, what are you doing? Having some boring meeting in your office?" Veronica asked.

"First of all, I'm not in my office. I just finished a meeting with my client few minutes back and now heading back to the office. And about 'boring meeting'.. yeah.. it was kind of boring at first but the last few minutes was awesome." Reuben said in a pleasant voice.

"Awesome? That even a meeting? Why? Was there any beautiful and s.e.xy girl present there at the last minutes to make the meeting AWESOME." Veronica sarcastically said, pressing on the word 'awesome' in jealousy though she knew that Reuben would never cheat on her.

Reuben laughed at the last question and teased her, "Is my baby jealous right now?"

"No I'm not. Who cares about you if you found another girl s.e.xy? Humph!" came Veronica's immediate answer.

"Oh. Is that so? But still I would make something clear even if there are any girls out, they would not be as beautiful as my dear girlfriend. Not even you Miss Lopez." Reuben said in an exasperated way.

Veronica rolled her eyes at this and played with him, "Really? But my boyfriend says that I'm the most beautiful woman in the world."

Reuben laughed again in this comment and replied, "Oh my baby! You really know how to play along with me. But let me tell you that whatever your boyfriend says is absolutely right. And now your dear boyfriend told me to inform you that he loves you very very much."

An instant smile erupted on Veronica's face, making her eyes twinkle brightly as she replied, "So do me a favour and send my boyfriend this message that his pretty girlfriend also loves him a lot."

This helped this couple to nothing but cracking into small giggles as they kept teasing each other.


Sip and Drip...

Lucinda was in her coffee shop when she noticed that a familiar person entered her caf. So she immediately went towards her and hugged her tightly.

"Oh Willa. How are you? It's been so long we have met." Lucinda exclaimed after breaking the hug.

Willa smiled at her and said, "Yeah. It's been really long."

"So what brought you here at this time? Isn't it your working time?" Lucinda asked before ordering two coffees for themselves to one of her workers.

She then dragged her upstairs which was a small room with a small bed and sofa. It had a bookshelf filled with some comics and music was playing in the room. The room was filled with many pictures of Lucinda with her friends and families. There were also some pictures of Willa and her together. The room was small but very comfortable. It was actually Lucinda's relaxation room.

Sitting on the sofa, Willa replied, "Yeah. I went for a meeting few blocks away from your caf. So while returning, I thought why don't I come to visit you and have a cup of your great coffee and on the way back to the office, I can also bought one for our another bestie to make her jealous that we've spent some alone time without her."

"Yup, and we will send her some selfies of us to make her more jealous." Lucinda winked as they both burst into laughter.

"I'm damn sure, Vero will kill me when I'll arrive at the office from here." Willa said between her laughter.

Lucinda wiped a tear that escaped from her eyes from laughing too hard and said, "She sure will do that."

In the meantime, their coffee had reached with a caramel cake for both of them as they busied themselves in eating and savouring the smoothening taste of the cake while sipping the hot milk coffee.

"Woah.. seems like I came in a wrong time." A male voice suddenly came into their ear making them look at the door.



Louis was busy in a meeting with his assistant when his phone rang. He dismissed his assistant from his office and picked the call up.

"From which side, the sun rose today that the cousin of mine is suddenly calling me?" Louis said in an over exaggerating tone.

"Stop your nonsense and listen to me why I called quietly." Reuben said from the other side of the call.

Louis rolled his eyes and said, "Okay Boss. Tell me what you want to say."

Without any hesitation, Reuben started telling his intention for calling his little cousin, "The Brown Corporation and Smith Enterprise are having a collaboration soon. That's why the assistant of Alonzo Brown had called you few days ago for an appointment for the 2d and 3d model of our hotel project. So I want my baby to handle this project. Do you understand?"

"What? You are telling me to make Veronica the head of this project? You know that she handles the VFX projects, not the animation or graphics ones. And more importantly, you are forgetting that here the Boss is not me but your girlfriend. How can a little vice-president order his CEO?" Louis shrugged off the idea immediately.

Reuben rolled his eyes this time and threatened calmly, "I don't know how are you gonna do this. But I definitely know that if you don't do this I'll tell Uncle that you are the one who broke his favourite chess piece."

Louis shivered thinking about the aftermath if his father came to know about the truth as he said, "Okay fine. I'll see what can I do."

Pleased with the answer, Reuben cut the call. But before it, he warned him, "Don't you dare say anything about the call to Ica. Otherwise you know what can I do, right?"

"Such an evil brother." Louis muttered after cutting the call.


Louis Morgan was the little cousin brother of Reuben Smith. He was the son of Reuben's uncle from his mother's side. And Reuben was the one who helped him to fulfill his dream to make a career in multimedia. Reuben along with Louis's elder brother made his parents agree with his path of career so that they wouldn't pressure him to join the family business.

Though Reuben and Louis fought with each other most of the time, but they loved each other dearly. Louis was even more close with Reuben than his own brother. And Reuben also treated him as his own little brother and doted on him as he was also the only child of his parents.

Anyone could call them the best cousins of all time...