My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 106 Mute Person..

Sip and Drip

"Woah.. seems like I came in a wrong time." A male voice suddenly came into their ear, making them look at the door.

The handsome Neil Wilson was standing there with a coffee mug in his hand, wearing a black suit which seemed to clarify that he also came here from his office.

"Bro.. What are you doing here?" Lucinda exclaimed in joy and ran to hug her brother.

Neil hugged her back as they both walked towards the sofa where Willa was already sitting. As Neil took a seat opposite to her, he greeted her, "Hey Willa."

"Hi Neil." Willa said.

There was an awkward silence between them after the hello - hi session so Lucinda tried to break the ice, "So bro. You didn't give me the answer of my first question.?"

"I came here to give you this. But I hadn't expect to see a familiar face here." Neil said before handing her a box.

"What is it?" Lucinda asked after taking the box from his hand.

"See it yourself." Neil said before laying his head back on the sofa lazily.

As Lucinda opened it, she shrieked in excitement when she saw what was exactly in it. There was the new edition of her favourite comic book which she wanted to buy so eagerly.

"Bro, you are the best." Lucinda kissed his cheek before hugging him tightly.

Neil kissed her on the cheek also and said, "Anything for my little sis."

As they finally broke the hug, Willa said, "Guys, I've to leave now. I'll talk to you later Lucy."

"Why are you leaving so soon?" Lucinda pouted cutely.

Willa laughed at her cute antics and said, "Did you forget that I have a job to handle. So gotta go." She then proceeded to hug Lucinda.

Lucinda hugged her too and suddenly an idea came in her mind, "Bro, why don't you drop Willa at her office?"

Willa looked at her with widened eyes and denied immediately, "That wouldn't be necessary at all. Actually I brought my own car here. So Neil wouldn't need to drive me to office."

Neil looked at her in an intimidated way like he was trying to say something but his face betrayed the expression of his eyes.

Willa felt some heated gaze on her from Neil but when she gazed at him, he immediately lowered his eyes. So shaking her head, Willa left the caf before taking some Irish coffee for Veronica.



Veronica was sitting in Louis's office at lunch break with her hand resting on the table as she played with her hair with other hand. She was waiting for Louis to say something as he sat in his chair with a nervous look on his face.

Louis had called Veronica earlier to have lunch with him in his office, hinting her that he had something very important to tell her. But even after ten minutes had passed, he hadn't opened his mouth which made Veronica frustrated as hell.

"Are you even gonna say something? You are making me really angry by behaving like a mute person." Veronica gritted her teeth in annoyance.

Louis gulped his saliva and cleared his throat before stuttering, "I.. actually.. as you know that Brown Corporation had made a request to work with us earlier. So now I thought of scheduling the appointment tomorrow."

"Okay. So what now?" Veronica asked before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Uh.. the thing is that I want you to handle the project." Louis said almost in one breath.

Veronica instantly stared at him in disbelief in her eyes. Taking the whole thing in her mind, Veronica finally contemplated what Louis exactly meant.

And then the heater in her brain immediately turned on and she spat in rage, "What the hell do you mean by I have to handle the project. You know that I work in VFX department. Then why would I work for the animation?"

Louis again gulped in fear as he muttered in a very low voice, "Relax Vero. Come on, drink this water to cool yourself. And try to understand."

Veronica took the glass that Louis handed to her and drank half of the water in it before nodding her head to tell him to continue.

Taking a deep breath, Louis started his speech which he literally memorised line by line a little while ago, "You are the CEO of Creation. So you have the biggest upper hand in everything. But you also know it that the animation department is currently busy with our upcoming animated movie so they would not be able to make this. So I don't have any other person without you right at that moment because you are the best in everything. And we can't even deny the project because we already confirmed an appointment with them so refusal is not an option now. Please Vero. .think about it. You can take your own time and tell me."

Veronica nodded her head before looking at Louis before saying in seriousness, "Sometimes it feels like you are the Boss here where I'm just your employee." Veronica muttered in a mocking way.

After quite a while, they both burst into laughter when Veronica interrupted, "Okay I'll think about this project and when I can finally fix my mind, I'll tell you."

"Okay." Louis found a sigh of relief at the mention that Veronica would at least think about it and laid back on his chair after Veronica left.