My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 107 Very Confusing..


It was already over 9 pm when the two love birds were busy sitting in the living room, watching some movies on TV.

Veronica's head was resting on Reuben's shoulder and his chin was on her head. He was holding her by her waist while Veronica kept her hand on his thigh supporting her balance.

There was a comedy scene playing which made Reuben laugh which resulted his chest to vibrate because of the laughter. But on the other side, Veronica was awfully silent which made Reuben paused in his laugh as he looked at the girl in his embrace with furrowed brows.

Normally, if there was a funny scene like this, Veronica could not stop her from laughing like crazy but she was now all silent. It was confusing to him.. very confusing..

"Babe.. what happened?" Reuben asked as he rubbed her shoulder lightly.

Veronica tilted her head up to gaze at his eyes and then again rested her head on his shoulder. As Reuben was going to say something Veronica stopped him.

"Honey, today Louis asked me to handle the project of our new client, Brown Corporation." Veronica mumbled as she played with his fingers.

Reuben's body stiffened at this but he immediately made himself relaxed. He feigned an act like he didn't know anything about these things as he said, "But baby, I can't see any problem in this."

Veronica sighed and looked up at him again, "Bennie, the thing is that it's an animation project and there will be some works of graphics too. And I'm the head of the VFX department."

"So what baby? You are a pro at everything. I don't see anything impossible for you." Reuben tried to make her agree.

Sighing again, Veronica replied, "Babe. I know that. But you know I already have many VFX projects in my plate right now. So I can't take any new ones right now."

Reuben stroked her forehead to ease her furrowed brows and muttered calmly, "Ica. Look baby. You can give those projects to your subordinates and handle this new one yourself. After all, how much I know Brown Corporation is a good business company and they can be a good client to you."

Veronica narrowed her eyes at him in suspision and asked, "Bennie, are you hiding something from me? Why do I feel like that you are forcing me to work into this project? You never forced me into anything, even you always nag me to work less so that I can't stress more. But this time.. this time you are acting surreal. Exactly what's going on your mind!" she gave him a death glare.

Reuben gulped in nervousness as he knew that if he didn't make any proper excuse right now, then Veronica would catch his plan in a minute and then it would be his doomsday.

He cleared his throat and made some stories, "Honey, how can you say this thing to me? You know I can't hide anything from you. It's just that I think that the project is itself is a big one. I heard about them. So I'm just trying to help you. Nothing more. You know that how much I adore you baby. I love you so much."

When he saw that Veronica was still not convinced, he made a sad face because he knew that this was his one of the best weapons to gain his girlfriend's sympathy and as like his prediction, his strategy worked.

Veronica's eyes softened and she hugged him tightly before giving him a peck on his lips, "Oh baby. I love you too."

Reuben smirked and whispered in her ears, "Babe if you really love me so much then show it in your actions."

Veronica smirked back and said, "Sure babe."

She then rubbed his crotch with her hand over his pants and kissed his ear, making him groan. He hold her waist and pulled her onto his lap, making her straggle him more as he kissed her passionately.

The kiss was demanding and dominating. They sucked, licked nibbled each other's lips like there was no tomorrow while Reuben's hand found its way under her pajama top.

Veronica also started working on his shirt, and pulled it up over his head. She ran her hands on his bare chest and soon her lips followed the paths of her hands. She kissed him on his neck, his shoulder and his chest, slowly gliding towards his torso.

Reuben released a sharp breath as Veronica's lips descended on his bare skin. He hold her head as he enjoyed the sensation. And when Veronica finally came towards his pants, he pulled her into another kiss.

This kiss was more intimate than the before which made her m.o.a.ned in his lips and Reuben took the perfect chance to glide his tongue into her mouth, sucking hers.

As the kiss got more and more hotter, Reuben hold the hem of her top and pulled it over her head as fast as he could.

His eyes darkened at the sight of her bare upper body as he kissed the corner of her lips. He then kissed her chin then her jaw and licked it.

His lips then moved down to her neck and kissed it softly. This got another m.o.a.n from Veronica, "Uhmm"

She stretched her neck back to give him more access and Reuben easily took the help of her as he nibbled on her neck and bit it. His lips did the same magic to her shoulder as he bit, kissed and licked it, giving her hickeys all over her shoulder.

When he was finally satisfied with his lip-work on her neck and shoulder area, he slowly glided his lips in the middle of her two big peaks...