My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 109

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 109 Patience Baby.. Patience..


She hold the tip of his little brother and gently guided it into her hole. Reuben pushed himself more inside of her and when he was all in, he let out a groan.

Feeling him inside of her made Veronica completely satisfied and the emptiness that she was feeling till now got all vanished in a second.

Reuben's eyes fell on her and he pushed himself in and out continuously very slowly and steadily, making Veronica frustrated.

"Reuben Smith. Stop teasing me and get faster. You know very well that I'm not some wax doll who will break easily if you thrust a little harder. So make it fast and rough Bennie. I really need it rough." Veronica gritted her teeth while panting slowly when she clearly understood that Reuben was intentionally messing with her.

This made Reuben chuckle in satisfaction and he started to thrust in and out more faster, grinding her roughly.

"Ah. Reuben. Oh babe.. " Veronica m.o.a.ned in ecstasy when he started moving quicker.

Reuben locked their lips together and kissed her passionately, still pounding inside her taking a faster pace everytime.

Veronica could feel a sudden force inside her core which only meant the possibility of c.u.m.m.i.n.g her there. So she panted, "Bennie, I think I'm about to c.u.m..."

Reuben broke their kiss and then sucked her jaw saying, "Not now baby. Not now. I'm yet to finish it."

As soon as he completed his sentence, he pulled out of her, making Veronica knitted her eyebrows together in confusion.

She complained with a pout, "Why the hell you put your d.i.c.k out when I was just about to c.u.m."

Reuben chuckled at her impatient behaviour and muttered before putting his index finger on her lips, "Patience baby... Patience. And let me continue what I'm about to do."

Veronica narrowed her eyes and about to say something when Reuben did something that made her yelp in surprise...

Now the question was, what Reuben actually did?

Well, then Reuben hold her waist up from the bed and flipped her over, making her front side touch the mattress while her face buried into the soft pillow with her back facing Reuben.

Wasting no time, Reuben moved all her brown hairs on her left side which was sprawling all over her shoulder and started kissing her nape.

He kissed her on her nape and then her back shoulders and bit them hard. He then run his fingers on her spine, his lips following his action then. Reuben gave wet kisses on the margins of her s.e.xy spine, finally landing on her ass. He gave each of her ass cheeks few kisses then again used his teeth on them biting on it, making it all red by his sweet torture.

Veronica m.o.a.ned at this unconvincingly amazing feeling and arched her body up, giving him more access to continue his unbearable pleasure.

Noticing the red marks on her perfectly rounded butt, he licked it with his tongue and then proceeded to go more down. Until he reached at her core area, he licked and kissed her clit, twirling his tongue around it as he pushed his finger inside of her.

Twirling his tongue on it, biting her strawberry with his teeth, kissing it over every time. When he finally got satisfied over his work, he got up on her and pushed his c.o.c.k inside of her from back.

He thrusted inside her in a swift movement earning a s.e.xy m.o.a.n from Veronica. Reuben hold her up on the bed and grabbed her b.r.e.a.s.t with his left hand, squeezing it on every thrust while his other hand rested on her slim waist.

Veronica m.o.a.ned out loud, "Ahhh babe."

"Oh baby, you are so f.u.c.k.i.n.g tight and I love it like hell." Reuben groaned when her walls get tightened around his shaft.

Veronica couldn't describe the immense pleasure she was feeling in words because she knew no one in this whole world without Reuben could make her feel so horny and demanding like now. She grabbed his head when he started kissing her on her neck to make a grip over herself as they both continued to push themselves to each other.

Reuben also felt that he was riding the waves of ocean falling up and down continuously which was so damn special and satiable. He kissed her on her bare shoulder still thrusting into her, feeling that this goddess under him was inseparably his and only she could turn him on like this.

Few minutes later, Veronica stuttered, "Argh honey. I.. I really can't hold anymore. I'm.. I'm coming."

Reuben nodded his head at her and muttered, "Come with me babe." As he quickened his strokes inside her.

Veronica came first as she m.o.a.ned out his name, "Bennie"

Following her, Reuben also released himself by shouting her name, "Oh Ica"

And the he collapsed on her and after catching his breath, he slowly brought himself out of her and discarded the used condom in the bin.

Returning on the bed, Reuben took Veronica in his arms and covered themselves with the quilt.

Kissing her on the forehead, he whispered, "Goodnight babe. I love you."

Veronica smiled at him and gave him a quick peck on his lips as she whispered back, "Goodnight honey and I love you too."

After the passionate and lovely night, both of them dozed off to their peaceful sleep.