My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 110

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 110 My Efforts From Yesterday..


Louis's office..

"So what have you finally decided?" Louis asked eagerly waiting for her answer and he hoped that it was a positive one.

Veronica took a deep breath and replied, "I decided hard about it. Really. So my final decision is.... a 'Yes'."

Louis' eyes bulged out as he heard the answer from her and interrogated, " Are you serious? You seriously accepted my idea.?"

Again taking a sigh, Veronica replied, "Yup. I'm very sure."

Louis jumped out of his chair merrily and hugged her in a tight embrace, "Thanks a lot Vero. You don't know how big pressure you put out of my shoulder!"

Veronica thought that he must be talking about the pressure of work for him on this project but it was exactly opposite for Louis. He was actually thanking her for saving his life from his dangerous cousin brother...

Tapping him on the shoulder, Veronica broke the hug and said, "If there is nothing more, then I'm leaving. I've to settle my ongoing projects to the right employees who I think can handle it properly."

"Hmm..just one question. As like you have already decided to supervise the project then should I inform the Brown Corporation about it and make an appointment?"

"Yeah. Do that and later tell me the date and time of the meeting. I'm leaving now then." Veronica said picking up her phone from the table.

Louis nodded his head to let Veronica leave and called somebody.

"Bro. Your work is done. Veronica agreed to do the project." Louis told the person on the phone grinning widely.

Reuben rolled his eyes and replied, "Do you think she agreed because of you? It's all my efforts from yesterday. However now that you have given me the good news, I'll keep my promise and will not tell Uncle about that chess piece."

Louis furrowed his brows when Reuben said that it's not because of him.. but later became happy when he got the news that he would be safe from his father's wrath.


Brown Corporation

Alonzo's office

A knock interrupted Alonzo from his work and he told the person to come in.

Bill entered with a smiling face and said, "Boss, we got news from Creation."

This peaked Alonzo's attention to his assistant and asked with one of his eyebrows raised, "And what's their answer?"

Bill replied brightly, "They accepted our proposal and ask for an appointment. I looked into your schedule and saw that you don't have anything to do tomorrow without a meeting. So I made an appointment at 11 am tomorrow at Creation. Is this okay with you Boss?"

Alonzo was extremely happy from inside because he knew that his next plan also worked on, so he told his assistant, "You did a great job. I will double your bonus for this month."

"Thank you Boss. Now may I leave?" Bill was glad that he was a getting a double bonus this month and tried to suppress his smile as he asked Alonzo.

"Okay. You may now leave but don't forget to inform Smith Enterprise about this.." Alonzo said.

The moment Bill left the office, Alonzo's lips showed an evil grin as he thought about his next step for tomorrow's meeting and mentally prepared himself for the upcoming battle.


Veronica's office

"Willa, can you please come to my office with a cup of coffee?" Veronica asked Willa rubbing her forehead.

"Yes Ma'am. Right now." Willa's voice rang through the intercom.

Veronica leaned back on her chair and kept continuing with rubbing her forehead and the space between her eyebrows. Last night was very intense for her. Reuben didn't stop pounding on her till dawn, so she only got few hours of sleep, resulting her to have a headache.

And now she have to give away all her projects to her subordinates, deciding on the basis of their intelligence and accuracy which was a very difficult work for her. And that's why she needed to calm herself and had to ask for Willa's help in this.

Few minutes later, Willa entered her office with a cup of coffee and said, "This is your coffee."

Veronica took a sip of it and motioned her to sit.

After Willa took a seat, Veronica started, "Willa, we'll be starting our new project with Brown Corporation, so we have to distribute our current ones among the perfect employees and I need your help in all of this."

Willa nodded her head and told her, "Don't worry much about this. I'll ask the employees for a meeting after lunch and we'll then decide which work should we give to whom."

Planning about the projects and discussing about the employees under VFX department, they came to a conclusion between themselves who to give the important burden of these works. And after they finally decided on it, Willa left the office.


Smith Enterprise

As soon as Reuben ended the call with Louis, he let out a triumph chuckle, making him look like a little boy.

Tom knocked on the door and getting his approval he entered the office. Reuben already made his face neutral back again and c.o.c.ked an eyebrow to ask Tom what he had to say.

Tom cleared her throat and said, "Boss. Brown corporation just informed that they have scheduled a meeting tomorrow at 11 am at wth Creation about our hotel project."

Reuben low down his head to hide his smile and said, "Okay. Tell them to attend the meeting tomorrow without me and I'll join them from the next one"

Tim left the office with a nod and Reuben started his work with a smile lingering on his lips...