My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 111

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 111 We Met Again..

It was already the day of the meeting between Brown Corporation and Creation and Alonzo was on the way there. He gazed at the outside of his window, taking the feeling of the beautiful city. But he was extremely nervous about the meeting from inside.

A jolt of the car broke him from his trance as Bill announced, "Boss, we are here."

Alonzo closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. Opening his eyes again, he replied, "Let's go."

Bill got out of the car first and opened the car door for him as Alonzo descended from the car, buttoning his suit jacket. He looked up at the building and took in the marvelous view of the company with black glasses, a very big logo of CREATION was upon it shining brightly due to the sunlight.

Entering the main gate of Creation, Bill asked about their meeting with the vice-president to the receptionist as she ushered them up to the floor of Louis's office...

Louis's assistant was already waiting for them near the elevator and he let them in his boss's office before knocking on the door.

"Hello Mr. Morgan. It's nice to meet you." Alonzo greeted him, shaking his hand with Louis.

Louis smiled at them and told them to sit. As they seated themselves, he said, "It's also nice to meet you Mr. Brown. Sorry that I couldn't attend your party last time as I was busy with some work."

"It's absolutely okay. I'm actually happy that you decided to work with us." Alonzo said.

Louis smiled at him and said, "I guess so." He then looked at his assistant and ordered, "Call Ms. Lopez to come here in my office."

His assistant, Brad nodded his head and left them to call Veronica.

Alonzo's hand sweated when he heard Louis to call for Veronica. He took another deep breath and tried to defocus himself from the nervousness by managing to talk something with Louis.

"Mr. Morgan, as you know that our project is a joint one with Smith Enterprise but Mr. Smith couldn't come today because of his important works but he will be here for next meeting." Alonzo tried to converse.

Looking at Alonzo, Louis thought to himself, 'You don't know about the truth man. Otherwise you would know that Mr. Smith aka my cousin is more excited than you to come over here but not for the project... instead for his girlfriend...'

"No. It's definitely okay. I know Mr. Smith very well. You don't have to worry about him." Louis said laughing a little.

A knock got the attention of the three male species and they turned their head towards the door.

Veronica entered the office room wearing a beautiful off-white blouse with a cherry red skirt that ended on her knees. Her hair tied in a ponytail, she had a simple make up with some eyeliner and a light pink lipstick. She was looking very professional in her attire but extremely beautiful.

Alonzo's heart raced erratically and he just kept looking at her in awe. The girl she had imagined for so many ears was finally in front of him, looking all beautiful and gorgeous.

"You called me Mr. Morgan?" Veronica asked Louis as she came forward towards the table.

Louis replied her, "Yes, Ms. Lopez. Please have a seat first."

Veronica sat on the vacant chair and eyed the two men sitting there. She gave a simple nod to them and make an eye contact with Alonzo who was staring back at her.

Something inside her was telling her that somehow she was accustomed to the gaze that Alonzo was giving her but she shook her head in denial.

Louis broke the silence and said, "Miss Lopez, as you know that we'll be working with Brown Corporation on their new hotel project and now they are here for the meeting. So meet with Mr. Alonzo Brown, the CEO of the Brown Corporation and his assistant Bill."

Louis then turned his eyes on Alonzo and said, "Mr. Brown. She is Miss Veronica Lopez, the head of the VFX department and she will be supervising your project in all the multimedia purposed."

Alonzo hold his hand out for a handshake and said, "Good morning Miss Lopez. We met again."

Veronica smiled a little and shook his hand. "Morning Mr. Brown. And yeah. We really met again."

Louis became confused at their greetings and asked, "Well, do you guys know each other?"

"Very well." Alonzo smiled at her as he instantly replied, making both Veronica and Louis frowned.

Veronica thought, 'But we only met for two times then how could he say that we have known each other very well?'

Seeing the confusion in their eyes, Alonzo said trying to convert their mind, " We met at my party and there she became good friends with my sister, Myra. She always talks about her and Miss Lucinda. So I quite know about Miss Veronica by my sister's nonstop talking."

Both Veronica and Louis sighed in relief when they heard that when Louis said, "Okay. Now let's start the meeting."

They started to discuss about the plans and different ideas. At the end of the meeting, Louis looked at Veronica secretly for a confirmation for signing the project and when she nodded, Louis announced, "Mr. Brown, all seems to be perfect about it. So let's sign the project on our next meeting. And as we talked, Miss Lopez will work on this project so if you need any type of help or have any enquiry then you can ask either me or her."

Alonzo smiled internally about the thought of working with Veronica and staying beside her all while. He would make sure to use each and every single second of the time being, he promised to himself.

"It would be good working with you." Louis said as he shook Alonzo's hand.

Alonzo nodded his head and said, "Same here."

He then shook Veronica's hand and said, "I'll look forward to work with you."

Veronica nodded her head and smiled but didn't think of replying anything.

Taking a last glance at Veronica, Alonzo left with his assistant...