My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 112

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 112 Single Dog..

Smith Enterprise

"Boss the next meeting with Creation will be on next week Monday. Mr. Brown and Mr. Morgan has decided to sign the contract on that day. Their assistants talked to me about your schedule and as it was already free on Monday, I confirmed them to continue with the date." Tom informed Reuben who just entered his office after a meeting.

"Good. Tell Mr. Brown that I'll be present there this time. And about Louis, I'll inform him myself." Reuben said before letting Tom leave.

He called Louis and told him that he will be present for next day's contract signing.

Louis grinned and teased him, "Aww..! Seems like my brother is very excited about this project or more like for the person who will supervise the project."

Reuben smirked and stated casually, "Obviously... I'd be very excited to work with my baby. However, how can a single dog like you understand the excitement of working sidy by side with your beloved?" He mocked.

Louis humphed from the other side, "This is not fair bro. You can't make fun of me like this."

"Whatever!" Reuben said before cutting the call.

He looked at the photo on his wallpaper of Veronica and murmured to himself, "It'll be fun to work with you baby or more like work on you." He smirked at the thought of them having an office romance and smiled foolishly.


City B

Regina just finished her photoshoot for a magazine and heading back to her car when one of the other models who was also working for that magazine blocked her way.

"Why the hell did you block me?" Regina yelled.

"Aww..!! Seems like Miss Parker is very angry because she lost her chance to be on the cover of the famous magazine. Are you angry that someone more capable than you snatched your work?" The model mocked her.

Regina's temper rose again as she shouted, "How dare you to mock me? Don't you know that I can ruin your modelling career just by a single call to my brother?"

The other model laughed at her and said while checking her nails, "Well, for your information... Your brother will not help you this time. Do you want to know why?"

When she saw the confused look on Regina's face, she gave a smirk before continuing, "Because the person who got to be the cover model for that magazine, is now sleeping with your one and only dear brother. I saw them recently to walk out of the hotel few days ago."

Regina's mind got blasted in anger as she tried to stop herself from beating her because of the other people present there and if she slapped her here then it would not be very good for her public image.

She tried to smile and coolly replied, " So what? They are just some play things for my brother. Once his interest come to an end for her, he would kick her out right at that moment. And even if she got to shoot for the magazine cover with the help of my brother, still don't forget who exactly my fiance is..."

At the name of Alonzo, the other model's mouth got shut and she stopped herself from talking more.

Seeing the victory of herself, Regina passed by her but not before giving her a push on her shoulder intentionally as she left with her manager.

She thought in the car, 'Having the tag of Alonzo's fiance really gives me many privileges which means... becoming his wife will be the source of me having the ultimate power. I have to make him mine as soon as possible.'


In a club of city S

Two men were sitting opposite to themselves with a glass of alcohol in their hands. Four girls with low-cut tight clothes that could barely cover them were serving them drinks and occasionally kissing them.

"So how is the progress?" A middle aged man asked.

The other man who was sitting opposite to him was quite young, probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He was good looking and handsome with his tall body. One girl was sitting on his lap and kissing his neck while his hands were placed on her buttocks, squeezing it sometimes.

"Everything is going well but I need a little more time as I couldn't get anything out from my girlfriend." The man said.

"Well your girlfriend seems to be really fool to think that you seriously love her." The middle aged man chuckled.

The young man kissed the girl's lips who was on his lap and replied with a devilish smile, "Huh.. who would know that the assistant of the head of a VFX department of the biggest multimedia company would be a big fool? She trusts me so much that she haven't noticed even for a single time that how much I loathe her "

The middle aged man who was holding a blonde in his arms and another brunette was massaging his shoulder, smirked, "That only means that she loves you very much."

"Love my foot! Do you think there is a thing like true love exists? She is just a dumb girl who fell in our trap. She is nothing more than a toy for me. After I get the informations that I needed from her, I'll just throw her away on the street." The man said.

"But you agree or not, she is very very beautiful."

"Yeah, you are right. That's the only thing I like about her. But that bitch never let me touch her alone f.u.c.k her. Argh! She is really a big dumbass. But I'm determined to take her at least for once. Because the only person who can take her v.i.r.g.i.nity is me." He said gritting his teeth.

"Possessive much Sam. Aren't you?"