My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 113

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 113 Want More Than Anything Is Money..

"Possessive much Sam. Aren't you?"

Sam chuckled and said, "Not possessive. But the thing is that I've been with her for so many days, at least I should get a reward. Right? And what would be better than f.u.c.k.i.n.g that bitch Willa?"

The middle aged man whose name was Peter said, "You are right. But I'm more interested on f.u.c.k.i.n.g her Boss. What's her name? I can't remember properly."

"Veronica. Veronica Lopez." Sam replied before giving the red haired girl another kiss and squeezed her butt.

"Yeah. Veronica. She is really beautiful and s.e.xy. I really hope to take her on my bed one day." Peter said.

Sam rolled his eyes at him and asked, "You hadn't told me about the real reason still that why you want to destroy Creation so much? Don't you still believe me after I work for you till so many days that you're hiding the truth from me?"

Peter shook his head and said, "I trust you now without any doubt."

"Then tell me about the cause of your so much hate towards Creation that you agreed to give me so much money even when you are nearly broke yourself." Sam questioned.

Gritting his teeth together, Peter replied, "That stupid company Creation took everything from me. My company was going all smooth and was one of the biggest empire in multimedia. But that bastard of CEO of that company had to meddle in my business and suppress me in everything, making me all broken without any projects and clients. And they now say that the technologies and formulas of our designs are all awful and nothing new. How dare they? Those idiots compared my company with that newbies and told me that they are far better than us and more creative. How rubbish!"

He hold the glass tightly and poured more whiskey in his glass, drinking all at one go before pulling the brunette who was massaging him earlier on his lap, kissing her ferociously.

Sam was shocked with his confession and exclaimed in his mind, 'Well, the works of your company is really rubbish. But it's okay for me as long as you pay me well for destroying that company. After all, what I want more than anything is money.'

His thought got interrupted when he felt someone was sucking his little brother. When he looked down it was the other black haired girl who was sucking him. He hadn't even noticed when she opened the zipper of his pants but there was nothing he could do when he was getting pleasure from her.

He looked at the red haired on his lap and then his gaze fixed on the black haired girl as he suggested, "What about a threesome today?"

When both of the girls nodded and smiled at him, he took them out of the private room before bidding goodbye to Peter who was also busy in making out with other two girls.

But what he missed was.... a pair of eyes which were following his way the moment he stepped out of the private room. The eyes got narrowed at him as the man threw cold daggers towards his way.

"What's wrong sir?" The girl who was wearing a skimpy black dress asked him as she kept her hands on his arm.

Neil turned his gaze at the girl and said, "Nothing. Let's head to the hotel room."

The girl seductively smiled at him and both headed to the top floor of the bar which was provided only for VVIP members.


In the VVIP room

As soon as they entered the room, the girl started kissing Neil and he also kissed her back in urgency.

The girl unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor. Neil started kissing her neck, her shoulder and her collarbone, making her m.o.a.n.

They both fell on the bed and Neil pulled down her dress from her, leaving her in underwears.

Neil got rid of his pants and unclasped her bra and removed her panty.

He started kissing all over her body and took off his boxers. Wearing a condom when he was about to enter... an image of Willa's beautiful face with a cute smile, flashed in his mind, making him stop in his action.

He closed his eyes to forget her face but the more he tried, the more her face got clearer and clearer in his mind.

Getting down of the bed he wore the boxers before removing the condom from his member, making the girl in his bed become befuddled at his actions.

Neil picked up the girl's clothes and threw them on her body, earning a gasp from her.

Still closing his eyes, he ordered the girl, "Leave."

The girl opened her mouth in shock as to know what suddenly happened to him and asked, "What.. what happened? Aren't we going to do it?"

Neil hissed in anger as he shouted, "I said. Get. Out. Right. Now."

Becoming scared of his sudden outburst, the girl quickly wore her dress and left the room hurriedly.

Neil sat on the bed and rubbed his face with both of his hands and thought to himself that what was happening to him?

Why he was behaving like this?

Previously, he would go out everyday and have s.e.x with random girls in pubs and bars.

But right now, whenever he tried to get close to any girl, Willa's face flowed in his head, making him all uninterested in everything related to other girls s.e.x...

He hadn't been intimate with any girls since the day he sent Willa at her apartment but he didn't know the reason of all of it.

Now only he wanted one thing and that is to go to the root of all this feelings of him so that he could fix the problems and finally live in peace.

Otherwise, these shitty thought of her would kill him each and every day