My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 114

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 114 Im Not A Lion Who Will Eat You..

Few days later


It was already Monday when the meeting for the contract signing between the three companies was scheduled. But the dispute here was that Veronica didn't know about the other company which was the main source of the deal.

She was extremely busy the previous week on distributing her work pressure to her subordinates and couldn't get any time to enquire Louis about the third company which is none other than Smith Enterprise.

She trusted Louis more than anything. After all, he was the one who helped her to create her own empire Creation. He stood with her for everything and fought with her to make her company from dust to diamond.

Reuben and Veronica just finished their breakfast when Reuben suddenly said, "Ica, I will not be able to drive you to your company today. I have some important meeting."

Veronica nodded her head in understanding and replied, "That's not a big problem. I'll drive on my own car."

Reuben released a sigh of relief when Veronica didn't suspect anything and he mentally clapped for himself to plan such a big surprise for her.

When he was busy in self- praising, Veronica narrowed her eyes at him, thinking of the reason of his sudden unusual behavior but shook it off when Reuben gave her a sweet smile.



It was already nearly the time to start the meeting. Alonzo had just arrived there with his assistant Bill and Brad took them to the large meeting hall.

Louis also arrived there with Veronica and Willa following him.

They seated themselves around the large mahogany table. Alonzo's eyes never moved from Veronica but when he noticed that another girl came with her, he furrowed her brows.

Observing Alonzo's confused face, Veronica introduced, "Mr. Brown, she is Willa, my personal assistant. She would be helping us in this project."

Alonzo nodded his head before shaking Willa's hand. Willa also acknowledged him by a small smile.

"So shall we start the meeting?" Veronica asked after opening her laptop.

Louis's mouth got dried when he heard the question. But to his good luck, Alonzo answered her before he could say something.

"Actually we still can't."

When Veronica raised her eyebrows as if to ask him about the reason, he said, "Mr. Smith hadn't arrived yet. He would be a little late."

"Oh how much I hate people who are late for a meeting." Willa mumbled showing her dismay, making Louis chuckle.

But that was not the thing which caught Veronica's attention but rather it was the surname Alonzo had mentioned.

"Mr. Smith? Which Mr. Smith?" Veronica asked, praying it must not be Reuben because she already told him before that they would not be associated with each other in business.

Louis cleared her throat to avoid the discussion but his wish hadn't fulfilled because a deep voice from the door resonated in the big hall.

"Well, I didn't know that there was any other Mr. Smith other than me in the business world of city S." Reuben entered the room, being followed by Tom.

Veronica's eyes got widened when she heard his voice and turned her head to look at him.

Pure shock was evident in her eyes when she saw that it was actually that Mr. Smith whom she hadn't expected at all. Her mouth was wide opened when all the recent incidents jumbled in her mind like Reuben trying to convince her accepting the project, him not driving her to Creation today....

All were the perfect signs for her to understand the loopholes of the meeting... But she missed it totally...

All the scenarios flashed in her mind one after another, making her very angry that she couldn't help herself from glaring at the pretender or more like imposter, who was standing there with a smirk on his face.

Willa's face was also not less funny than Veronica's. She hadn't ever thought even in her dreams that Reuben would be here as the client of them.

Alonzo saw the shock in Veronica's eyes but couldn't think of anything much from it.

Louis saw the atmosphere turned a little awkward, so he tried to break the silence, " Oh. You have already come here Reuben. Come come. Sit here. Don't waste your time."

Reuben took a seat exactly opposite to her, gave her a childish smile portraying himself as an innocent child who didn't know anything about what was happening around him.

Veronica got more angry at him and asked, "What the hell are you doing here Mr. Reuben Smith?"

"Miss Lopez. Actually Smith Enterprise is the one whose project is this. So he must be here to sign the contract also." Alonzo said when she saw anger flashed through her eyes.

Veronica's head immediately snapped at Louis as she asked through gritted teeth, "Is it true?"

Gulping his saliva, Louis replied nervously, "Yes. It is."

Reuben internally laughed at her reaction and asked, "Oh. Miss Lopez. Why are behaving so unprofessionally? Calm down your anger. I'm not a lion who will eat you." He gave her a naughty wink at the end of the sentence which didn't go unnoticed by Louis and Willa as they controlled themselves from letting out a huge laugh...