My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 115

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 115 Played With My Feelings..

Reuben internally laughed at her reaction and asked, "Oh. Miss Lopez. Why are you behaving so unprofessionally? Calm down your anger. I'm not a lion who will eat you." He gave her a naughty wink at the end of the sentence which didn't go unnoticed by Louis and Willa as they controlled themselves from letting out a huge laugh.

They exactly knew what Reuben mean by the two words... 'eat you'... which was totally on a savage part so their mind couldn't help but getting wilder with the thought.

Veronica threw him daggers at him through her eyes but didn't continue on this topic because she knew if she did then someone might get killed today by her hands.

They started the meeting and signed the contracts. Veronica took the blueprints from Bill and discussed with Alonzo and Louis about the whole planning.

Reuben hadn't said anything but just kept his eyes focused on Veronica as he cared less about the meeting. When Veronica felt a gaze on her, she moved her eyes on him sometimes and gave him a cold glare.

After the meeting finished, everyone went out the office. Veronica was left behind to shut off her laptop and Reuben deliberately slowed down his footsteps.

She was about to step out of the door when Reuben took the chance to pinch her waist, earning a glare from her.

He whispered in her ears, "Love the surprise, baby?" before stealing a kiss near her ear.

Veronica didn't answer him instead she stepped on his foot hard, making him groan in pain.

The close proximity of them caught the eyes of Alonzo. Though he didn't see Reuben kissing her, he thought that they were fighting among themselves but still the closeness of them bothered him a little.

Not a little actually.. but very much

He suppressed the jealousy he was feeling and reminded himself that it was about few more days when Veronica would be in his arms and no man would dare to look at her... let alone touch her...

While they were leaving the hallway, Tom got a call of emergency in his office so Reuben had to rush back but he didn't forget to blow a kiss to Veronica secretly which made Veronica cool down a little as a smile crept on her face.

Truthfully saying, actually she was also very much excited to work with Reuben beside her so that she could spend more time with him. But the perspective that made her angry was that she was unknown to all of those plans that Reuben and Louis had brewed together.

"Willa, do one thing. You give Mr. Bill the layout of our previous projects so that they could get an idea an idea of our works." Veronica said.

Willa nodded her head and led Bill to her office so that he could give him the hard copies.

Louis also excused himself as he had an important meeting with a client. So now it was only Alonzo and Veronica who were present there.

Alonzo kept looking at her which made Veronica a little bit uncomfortable.

Couldn't stand holding herself anymore, she asked, "Do you have something to say to me Mr. Brown?"

"How long are you gonna keep up with this pretending?" Alonzo asked back stopping himself in front of her.

"What do you mean?" Veronica's eyebrows furrowed when he heard the sudden question.

Alonzo let out a mocking laugh and said, "You really don't know what I mean? I didn't know that you would be such a good actor."

Being already angry on the previous circ.u.mstances, Veronica's anger grew high up on her head and she said in a very cold voice, "Mr. Brown if this is some kind of joke like last time then I would prefer you to drop it. Otherwise it'll be not good for you if you keep on insulting me like this."

Alonzo gritted his teeth when he saw that she still was not admitting the truth, "To your dismay, this time I'm not joking. But seems like you took me like a joke. You played with my feelings five years ago and now pretending not to know me."

Getting confused at what Alonzo was saying, Veronica tried to calm herself from bursting out at him, "First of all, I met you for the first time at your company's inauguration party. So I don't know what are you talking about that happened five years ago? And second of all, you don't have any right to talk to me like this." She pointed a finger at him.

Alonzo grabbed her finger in his right palm which instantly made Veronica narrowed her eyes and Alonzo smirked at her reaction.

"Oh. You met me for the first time in my party? Really? Can you please stop lying to me anymore?" Alonzo sarcastically said.

"Enough is enough Mr. Brown. You can't insult me like this that even standing in my office." Veronica warned him, her eyes was burning ,hot in anger.

Alonzo left her finger and instead hold her shoulder with both of his hands and scowled, "If you met me recently then what about the time we spent together in city B?"

The name of the city instantly brought up many memories of her new friend that she met there and later became extremely close but she couldn't remember any Alonzo Brown that she met there...

"City B?" she asked in a deep thought.

Gripping her shoulder more tightly, nearly making Veronica flinched in pain, Alonzo was about to say something when they heard footsteps near them.

Alonzo let her go while Veronica stood there confusedly, still trying to remember anything about him but her mind was completely blank about the name Alonzo.

Willa and Bill reached them and Alonzo left Creation with his assistant.

Before leaving, Alonzo stopped in his track and told Veronica with a fake smile on his face, "I hope Miss Lopez will think about what I've said her earlier."

Veronica stared at his back until his silhouette was no more there to see and this got Willa's attention.

"Anything happened Vero?" Willa asked her calling her name as she knew that there was no one present there in the hallway.

Veronica turned her face towards her and replied unattentively, "No nothing."