My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 116 Alexander Brown..

The day finally came to an end by Veronica thinking about Alonzo's words over and over again. But nothing came to her mind. And that ended with her having an extreme headache.

As usual Reuben came to fetch her from her office and she easily obliged with him. The car ride was undeniably silent which made Reuben a little upset. He thought that maybe Veronica didn't like him to hide this big thing from her so much that she became super angry on him and stopped talking to him...

They reached their home soon but Veronica didn't wait for him this time outside the door and just entered without even batting an eye on him, making Reuben more guilty.

After their dinner, Veronica straightly went to her bedroom without even saying anything to Reuben.

Washing the dishes, Reuben also headed to their bedroom and lied down on the bed. He gently hugged her from behind and buried his face in her neck.

"I'm sorry Ica.. Please don't ignore me. I really can't bear not talking with you. It's making me more and more guilty towards you. I thought that... that maybe working with you would make you happy like me." Reuben apologized whispering in her hair, making Veronica turned towards him, looking at him questioningly which Reuben took as a sign to continue.

"I thought if I didn't say anything about the whole project thing beforehand to you and instead give you a surprise by presenting myself physically in front of you then it'll be more effective. Though I knew you would be a little angry on me for hiding you such a big thing, but believe me Ica.. I haven't realised that it would upset you so much that you would stop talking to me. Please talk to me honey. Please" Reuben pleaded with pitiful eyes.

Veronica looked at Reuben astonishingly and suddenly she burst into laughter.

"Hahaha oh god Bennie Hahaha you thought that I'm... I'm ignoring you for that purposefully?" Veronica asked in middle of laughing.

"You are not?" Reuben's brows raised in confusion.

"No.. not at all. How can I even be angry at you for this little thing.!" Veronica exclaimed cupping his face into her palms.

Reuben kissed her palm and asked, "Then why baby? Why are you behaving like this?"

Letting out a sigh, Veronica described everything that happened in the office after he left and what Alonzo told her.

Reuben listened to her very attentively without missing anything and in the middle, he would sometimes furrow his brows or made some comments.

"Baby.. After listening everything, I came to one point that Alonzo was talking about you from five years ago. He also mentioned that you both met in city B and both of you have some kind of connection which he accused you to act like you forget about him." Reuben said analysing the whole incident.

When Veronica nodded her head in confirmation, Reuben took a deep breath and asked, "Ica.. do you remember anyone from city B with the name Alonzo Brown? Try to remember babe. Maybe you met him during the few months you lived there."

Veronica shook her head after thinking for a while and said, "No Bennie. I don't remember anyone by the name Alonzo Brown." Making Reuben more confused that if she didn't know Alonzo then why would he told her that they both had known each other and more than anything Veronica never lied to him...

So that's a big NO..

Then what's the matter? What's the big loophole among all of it that he couldn't guess properly?

Same was happening to Veronica as she kept thinking of all the people she met there.

Pondering for some while, Veronica suddenly murmured, "Though I can't remember any Alonzo Brown from B city but there I met a friend whose surname was also Brown."

"What do you mean?" Reuben asked gazing at her questioningly.

Veronica sighed before answering, "Do you remember I told you about a guy friend I met in B city and later who became very close to me there and we became good friends."

Thinking for a minute when Reuben remembered about the guy she talked to him, he nodded his hand and said, "Yeah . I remember."

"Well, though his name was not Alonzo but his surname was also Brown. His name was Alexander Brown. I used to call him Alex" Veronica confessed.

"So you meant to say that both Alonzo and Alex are same?" Reuben questioned making Veronica scrunch her nose.

She shook her head in denial and said, "No. That can't be. That's impossible."

"Why so?"

"Because Alex belonged from a poor family, he was not even a little close to Alonzo. He loved simple things and dressed like normal people whereas Alonzo kept himself always quite aloof. He was such a sweet and kind guy that everyone would like him, he would also laugh often.. not at all like Alonzo who has a serious face all the time. There are no match between them." Veronica narrated.

Reuben closed his eyes for few seconds to let out the frustration he was feeling about not finding the conclusion that would make an end to Veronica's stress. He then again opened his eyes and stared at her beautiful face.

Kissing the tip of her nose, he said, "Relax babe. Don't overthink too much about it and pressurise yourself. I'll think of a solution about this matter. Now be a good girl and sleep."

Nodding her head, Veronica hugged him tightly and slept off...

On the other side, Reuben mentally cursed Alonzo for letting his Ica become so stressed over nothing. He thought if all of his statements were nothing but pure lies to put a stunt on her then he would make sure he would regret this for his whole life.

But if what Alonzo said was all true then he would do whatever he could to find out the truth and later would make decision according this whole situation...