My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 117

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 117 Tasted The Delicious Meat..

Willa's Apartment

After a day of hard work, Willa finally reached her home. Entering the living room, she shrieked in fear when she heard some noises from her kitchen.

Her heart leapt into fear and she hold her breath at the thought of someone might be invading in her apartment. But the apartment was full of security, then how could someone unknown enter without getting caught?

Gaining some confidence in herself, she reached for a fruit cutting knife that she had left in the living room before going for work and walked very silently towards the kitchen.

Tiptoeing when she finally reached the door she saw a man pouring some orange juice in a glass. She slowly walked towards him and pressed the cold metal of the knife on his neck.

"Don't move.. otherwise I'll not even think for a minute to cut your neck off of your body." Willa warned in a dangerous voice.

The man didn't move from his place instead he kept the glass of juice on the kitchen bar, saying, "Oh my baby? Don't you even no my physic?" then turned his face sideways to look at her.

Willa gasped when she heard the very familiar voice and removed the knife away from the man's neck.

"God! I'm so sorry Sam.. I didn't notice that it's you. Really really sorry." Willa hold his shoulder as she apologized looking into his eyes.

Sam cupped her face in his hands and said, "Relax babe. It's absolutely okay. Instead of getting angry, I'm happy that you are on your guard always. You don't know honey how much it stresses me when I think of you living here all alone. The fear of something going to happen to you is always in my mind whenever I go to sleep or eat."

Staring at his eyes and hearing the heartfelt words that he said, Willa's heart melted immediately and she hugged him tightly, "I'm so happy that you came into my life honey. I can't even think of my life without you."

"Ditto baby." Sam said kissing on her forehead.

"So tell me what are you doing here this late?" Willa asked holding his hands.

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, he mumbled, "Did you forget that it's been one whole week we hadn't met each other and I missed you like hell. So I came here to see you along with your favourite food." He pointed towards a packet of foods.

"So just go to change and I'll heat up the foods." He spoke pushing her out of the kitchen.

Before leaving the kitchen, Willa turned towards him with a smile on her face and confessed, "I love you. You are the best."

As Willa was vanished into her room, Sam let out a devilish chuckle and murmured, "You are too stupid to trust me my lovely Willa. You are too innocent to understand me and my dirty games..."



Veronica was sleeping when Reuben got out of the bed slowly taking his phone out with him.

Stepping in the balcony, he dialed a number and a man picked it up after few rings.

"Hey man." The man said panting lowly.

Reuben chuckled hearing his friend's panting voice, knowing exactly what was happening on the other side.

"Seems like you are busy man into something. And that something is very sensuous and important." Reuben teased.

Henry growled from the other side, "Like you already know everything, then you better say it quickly about what you have called me for, this late at night and that even totally breaking my precious time with my s.e.xy girlfriend."

Lucinda hit his chest playfully while she glared at him to stop blabbering nonsense, still staying under him.

Henry laughed at her cuteness and kissed her nose making her giggle.

Reuben smiled when he heard both of their playfulness in the phone and looked over his shoulder to see the beautiful lying figure of Veronica.

Seeing her face which was glistening in the moonlight, he remembered the reason he had called Henry for and cleared his throat to get Henry's attention back to him.

"Henry, we've a serious matter to discuss." Reuben said gaining his full attention.

Henry got up from the bed covering Lucinda with the blanket before walking towards his balcony too.

"What's it?" He asked.

"Something happened today at Creation." Reuben stated running his hand through his hair.

"What happened? Is Vero okay?" Henry asked in a panicking voice.

"Nothing happened to Ica. Actually it's something about Alonzo Brown." Reuben stated.

Sighing in relief, Henry asked, "What about Mr. Brown?"

"Actually.. he suddenly told Ica that they have known each other from past five years and they had met in city B." Reuben said and continued to tell him in details.

Henry raised his eyebrows before saying, "But you said that Vero doesn't know anything about him."

"Yeah right. But she told me that she met a friend there whose name is Alexander Brown."

"So you meant to say that something is fishy there." Henry said in confusion.

Reuben nodded his head though he knew that Henry couldn't see him, "Yup.. And I think that both Alonzo Brown and Alexander Brown definitely have some connection between them which must be very close."

Henry sighed again before saying, "Okay. Don't think too much about it. We'll discuss about it when we meet next time. Now sleep and let me have some amazing time with my baby."

Chuckling at Henry, Reuben said, "Hmm.. go go.. Now that you have tasted the delicious meat of your girlfriend... you won't be able to control yourself like me." Before cutting the call.

He took a deep breath and looked up at the sky, gazing at the half moon.

"I won't let anyone harm you baby. I promise." He whispered to himself before heading back to the bed and then hugging Veronica tightly, he dozed off...