My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 118

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 118 Turn Creation Into A Traitor..

Willa's Apartment

Getting fresh and changing into home clothes, Willa came into the dining area where Sam was already seated on his chair with foods covering the dining table..

And all was Willa's favourites

Willa smiled seeing it and thought to herself, 'I must be very lucky to get a boyfriend like Sam.'

"Oh.. you are already here." Sam said after noticing Willa in the dining room.

"Yeah " Willa said before taking a seat beside him.

When they were having their dinner, Sam asked, "Babe.. so how is your office?"

"Everything is going good. We are starting a new project really soon." Willa said taking a spoonful of pasta in her mouth.

"New project? What kind of project is this?" Sam asked trying to whip out information from her by putting his facial expression as much normal as he could.

Willa sipped the orange juice and replied, "It's a hotel project. We're collaborating with two big companies right now... Smith Enterprise and Brown Corporation... It's one of a hell big project for which we have to work our ass off."

This peaked Sam's interest immediately as he smirked thinking in his mind, 'Now now... it's quite a big information. I can get a lot of money after revealing this to Boss.'

"Oh. So when your project will start? Are you in it?" Sam asked trying to suppress a smile.

"Maybe from next week. Actually Veronica is the one to supervise this project so I'd be helping her too." She replied without doubting Sam even a little bit when he kept asking her questions after questions.

Finishing the dinner, Sam got up to leave, "It's already late now. So I'll be leaving. Go to sleep."

"Yeah. Good night and drive safe." Willa said with a pure smile handing him his suit jacket.

Kissing her on the forehead, Sam gave her a brief smile and left the apartment with a big smirk on his face.

Entering his car, Sam locked the door and called his employer. "Boss, I've a good news for you..."

Peter was in the middle of a rough s.e.x with a girl in the bar as he said panting heavily, "What's it?"

"You would be happy to hear this. Creation is having a merger with Smith Enterprise and Brown Corporation." Sam informed.

"What? You mean the biggest company Smith Enterprise? And the Brown Corporation is the new one that opened in city S. Right?" Peter asked jumping out of the bed in excitement, leaving the girl on the bed in bewilderment.

Sam chuckled as he confirmed, "Yes boss. It is the same company."

Laughing like a devil, Peter said, "Wow! It's gonna be fun then. If we can get a hold of even a small information about the project and sell it to others, then it would be enough to tarnish Creation's reputation. Because Smith Enterprise is not someone to deal with traitors and I'll make sure to turn Creation into a traitor in front of everyone. Oh ho ho..!! It's going to be exciting to see them getting destroyed. Hahaha"

"Yes Boss. You are right. So can I expect a good sum of money for such a big information?" Sam asked getting more excited.

"Obviously you will. I'll send you your wage tomorrow morning. Now go to the club and f.u.c.k some s.e.xy girl to enjoy our upcoming victory." Peter exclaimed.

"Sure Boss..." Sam cut the call with a big smile on his face, heading towards a bar to bed some random girls.


Smith Enterprise...

"Boss you called for me?" Tom asked entering his office.

Reuben who was busy typing in his computer, looked up at him and said, "Yeah I want you to find out every single details about someone."

"Okay boss. Tell me the name of that person." Tom urged.

"Alexander Brown He is from B city. Check about each and every details about him. Don't even miss out about the time he sleeps or eats. I don't want you to omit anything about him." Reuben ordered him.

Tom nodded his head and replied, "Okay Boss. Anything specific about him to find?"

Pondering for quite a while, Reuben said, "Find about him from six years ago. What did he do or what type of man he is."

"Okay Boss." Tom said before going to leave the office.

But before he could turn the doorknob, Reuben suddenly spoke out, "Tom.. I think I've one more person for you to check out. "

"Who is this Boss?" Tom asked.

"Alonzo Brown." Reuben stated.

"Find it as soon as possible. And also notice if there is any connection between both Alexander and Alonzo Brown." Reuben continued.

Tom's expression changed into confusion as to why his boss suddenly would ask him to check about their new business partner but he didn't express his thought. Because he knew whatever Reuben is doing or asking for must be for some important reasons. So nodding his head, he left his office to work for his boss's order.

After Tom left, Reuben muttered to himself, "If I find anything wrong about you Alonzo Brown which would hurt my Ica then I promise to make you regret every single wrong doings of you..."