My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 119 Own Selfishness..


Veronica was sitting in her office lazily, reading some random news on her computer because she didn't have anything left to do as her work was being done by others. So she only had free time to pass till the next week before getting busy again with her new project of her dear boyfriend's company.

She rolled her eyes thinking about Reuben and his magnificent planning to make her work with him.

So she was just passing her boring time scrolling and searching different kinds of things when someone knocked her door.

"Come in." Veronica said.

As the person entered her cabin, Veronica got surprised to see him at this hour and that even in her office.

"Dad" Veronica called in excitement and went to hug him, being hugged back by her father.

"What are you doing here?" Veronica asked before making her father sit with her on the couch in her office.

"I was just passing from here so thought of giving my baby girl a surprise visit." Mr. Lopez said as he kissed her on the forehead after hugging her sidewise.

Veronica's eyes sparkled with joy seeing her father in her office as she rested her head on his shoulder...

"Thanks dad for coming here. I missed you a lot." Veronica confessed.

"Aww my baby! I missed you too. How about we have lunch together and spend some father-daughter time?" Mr. Lopez asked patting her head.

"Really? You really have time for a lunch with me today?" Veronica's eyes lit up in enjoyment.

Mr. Lopez's smile got broadened after seeing her daughter's cute excited reaction as he said, "Which father doesn't have time for their own daughter, specially when she is so sweet and lovely like you?"

"I love you Dad." Veronica hugged him more tightly.

Getting her purse and phone and shutting her computer down she went for lunch with her father.

While leaving they both collided with Willa who just got back to her table from washroom.

"Hello Mr. Lopez. I hope you are well." Willa greeted politely.

"Oh, my little girl... There is no one here right now except we three. So you can call me uncle. And I'm very much well. How about you?" Mr. Lopez asked.

"I'm also fine Uncle. It's good to see you after so many days." Willa said with a smiling face.

"Same here, Willa. Now that I remember you haven't visited us for long. Why don't you come to our home one day? Your aunt will also be very happy to see you." Mr. Lopez said.

Willa's face enlightened in happiness as she confirmed, "I'll definitely visit someday. I really miss aunt's cooking."

Willa was very close with both of Veronica's parents. They treated her like their own daughter alongside Lucinda.

Despite being so much wealthy, they always stayed humble and treated everyone similarly.

They didn't judge any people with money or power but with their kindness and loving nature. They were truly the best parents anyone could ever have.

Veronica smiled at them and offered Willa, "We are going for lunch. Would you like to join us?"

"I'd really love to. But can't as I've meeting with the production company." Willa denied with a sad face.

Mr. Lopez patted her head and said, "Its okay girl. Don't work too hard and take care of yourself. We'll be leaving then."


At the restaurant

"So how everything is going on princess?" Mr. Lopez asked.

"Everything is going smoothly." Veronica replied taking a bite of the pork ribs.

Mr. Lopez nodded his head and said, "That's good."

After talking about anything and nothing, Mr. Lopez suddenly said, "I'm really happy that you are dating Reuben. No one would care so much about you as he does. He really loves you very much."

"I know that Dad. And I also love him a lot. But why did you say this so suddenly?" Veronica asked at his father's sudden confrontation about her and Reuben's relationship.

Shaking his head, Mr. Lopez said, "Nothing honey. Just said as a matter of fact."

Nodding her head at him, Veronica continued eating her food...

After having their lunch, Mr. Lopez dropped Veronica at her office before going back to his own.

As the driver started his car, he dialed someone's number.

"So everything is done?" The person asked.

"Yes. Thanks to you Reuben that I got to spend some special time with my lovely princess and make her mood better." Mr. Lopez said on the phone.

Reuben smiled from the other side of the call and said, "No uncle. Don't thank me. I called you to meet Ica because of my own selfishness."

"Your own selfishness? I couldn't understand properly." Mr. Lopez spoke out in uncertainty.

Sighing deeply, Reuben asserted, "Uncle, whenever my Ica gets sad or she feels stressed, my heart gets clenched like hell and I feel pain all over my body seeing her like this. So obviously if I want to stay healthy, I've to keep her happy."

" And these past few days had been very stressful for her and I know very clearly that even how much anyone tries hard, no one can ever take a place of a father in a girl's life not even a boyfriend or husband..."

"I can claim to the whole world that I love her the most... but the undemanding amount of love you have for Veronica can't even be compared to mine. I'll always be second to you at loving her, because no one can ever break the purity of the relationship between a father and daughter like both of you have..."

Mr. Lopez's eyes welled up in tears and if there was not the driver present with him, he would cry in happiness and pure joy of having such a lovable future son-in-law for himself.

He accepted by his heart that no one literally no one could love his daughter so much as the person on the call did..

Calming himself, Mr. Lopez professed, "You know what Reuben I'm very happy that my daughter met you and both of you eventually fell in love. I bless you both for your undying love for each other. Thanks for loving my daughter so much."

Hearing the heartful confession from his soon to be father-in-law, Reuben smiled and confessed sincerely, "Don't worry Uncle. I'll always love and cherish your princess because she became my life now..."