My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 12 Planned It On Purpose

Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Lopez abruptly moved up from their seat and rushed towards each other with their enraged face like they were going to peel off each other's skin.

Reuben kept his glass down on the table and opened his mouth to say something but was dumbfounded by what he had seen the next...

The next thing what everyone witnessed is..

Both of the fathers were hugging each other tightly with gleeful expressions.

"Goodness! I always wanted your daughter to become my son's wife. But I thought that it would be next to impossible in this life as they always quarreled about everything. Yet, who would have known that these brats are dating each other for so long." Mr. Smith exclaimed in joy breaking the hug.

"Yeah.. Same here. I was also tensed about that, there is no other perfect man for my daughter except your son. But now we're relieved." Mr. Lopez also beamed happily.

Everyone was stupefied by the sudden revelation. After the men settled down to their own seat it was the time for the ladies.

"Jessi, I never thought that we will be in-laws in this life." Mrs. Smith hugged her best friend with tears filled in her eyes.

"Yes, Vic.. Who would have thought that these two will be so good at hiding their relationship from everyone!!" Mrs. Lopez also cried in Jessica's embrace.

Now, the couple was astonished to see their families' over exaggerating drama. They both gazed at each other with their mouth opened and shook their head.

After some more chatting and giggling, Lopez family handed their gift to Reuben and decided to leave for their house. They also asked Lucinda to stay at their place that night as her parents were out of town.

While they all were exiting the room, Reuben caught Veronica's waist and pulled her towards his chest and ravished her lips hungrily, and their tongues covered every corner of each other's mouth. Finally, when they both were out of breath, then they let go of each other.

"Why are you going back to your home? Will you not spend the night with me? I really can't stay without you today. You don't know how many cold showers I had to take when I was out in US..." Reuben whispered in her ear huskily.

When his soft breath fell on her ear and neck, Veronica shuddered involuntarily. Then she lightly pushed him away from her but he didn't bulge even a single inch, moreover he tightened his grip on her waist.

"Well, Mister. I didn't ask you to leave me for so many days. And for your kind information, not only you but I also suffered a lot without you here. So now this is the punishment for you." Veronica smirked.

"But honey"

"No buts.. This is final otherwise you know I can do more to punish you." Veronica threatened him.

Reuben gulped in fear as he understood about what she is talking about. She would not allow him to touch her for a whole week let alone kiss her or do something naughty....

He reluctantly let her go but demanded with a pout, " Okay, at least give me one more kiss before you go."

Veronica smiled at his cute face and quickly giving him a peck on his lips and then she ran away from him as fast as she could.

Reuben sighed helplessly as he knew that this would be a tough night for him as well like the past few weeks and he even have to take many cold showers to relieve himself.

He then walked the Lopez family out to their car. James patted at his shoulder and sat down on the front passenger seat. Veronica also looked at his pitiful face for the last time and jumped in the car before giving him a wink and they drove off.


The next morning.

Veronica woke up late as it was Sunday. She went to the washroom and came back after her morning course. She then hurriedly shook her best friend off from her sleep. Lucinda groaned and get up from her bed.

"Hurry up if you want to have breakfast." Vero chided at her best friend.

"Hmm. Good morning sweetheart." Lucinda replied and get up to take a bath.

Veronica was blow drying her hair when her phone rung. She picked up the call.

"Good morning honey." Came Reuben's mellow voice from other side.

"Morning baby. Have you slept well?" she asked.

"Don't even ask about that....By that way, may I have a chance to go on a date with my girlfriend?"

"No baby. Today I'm going shopping with Lucy."

"Huh!! You planned it on purpose, right?" Reuben said in displeasure. written on his face.

"Well, you guessed it correctly. Now I've to go to eat breakfast. Talk to you later. Bye." Without waiting for his answer Veronica cut the call and went down with Lucy.

"So who called? Is it my would be brother in law?" Lucy teased while they were heading to the car after breakfast.

"Hmm. He was asking me for a date."

"So are you going?"

"Nah! Let me punish him a little more." Veronica grinned evilly.

"You are really a devil." Lucinda also grinned.

"That I am." Veronica proudly said as they got in the car.

After a whole day shopping, movie watching, eating and other stuffs; they were tired and as soon as they came back at evening, they slept off...