My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 120 Little Less Perceiving..

Reuben picked up Veronica from her office and both of them left for their home. He noticed that the stress she was feeling earlier today was all gone...

Sitting in the car, Veronica looked at his side-face as she placed her hand over his arm, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Thanks Bennie.." She whispered closing her eyes.

Reuben was perplexed at her sudden gratitude thing as he asked, "Why thanks?"

"For everything." Veronica replied in just two words, still keeping her eyes closed.

"You are not answering me properly Ica." Reuben said as he kissed her hair before focusing again on the road.

Veronica tilted her head up, kissing his jaw, she said, "Thanks for calling my dad to visit me today."

When she saw the shocked expression on Reuben's face, she giggled before resting her head on his shoulder again as she continued, "I know very well that you told Dad to visit me in my office. Because no one except you knew that I was a little stressed out and moreover you can't see me sad at all. So who could be other than you to call him?"

"And my Dad understand it very well that I want to stay humble as much as I can so he wouldn't suddenly interfere in my professional life by coming at my office if it is not so important."

Reuben looked at her amusedly and chuckled before stating, "Can't you be a little less perceiving?"

Grinning widely, Veronica denied, "No. I can't after all I love you so much."

Smiling to himself, Reuben sped his car to their home..

Sweet home


The next day at Smith Enterprise

Reuben entered his office and unbuttoned his suit jacket before sitting on his swivel chair. He looked at his watch and it was only 9 am as he had his first meeting today at 10.

He called for Tom as soon as he saw that he had enough time to interrogate him about his research which he gave him yesterday.

"You called for me, Boss?" Tom entered with a file in his hands.

"Yeah. Have you found anything yet?" Reuben asked directly without beating around the bushes..

Tom looked at the file in his hand and gave it to Reuben, "Yes Boss."

Taking the file from his hand, Reuben checked it thoroughly without letting Tom leave his office. He checked each and every details that was kept in the file but his brows furrowed deeper and deeper with each turn of the pages.

He abruptly looked up from the file and his eyes fixed on his assistant as he asked, "You didn't find anything about Alexander Brown?"

Lowering his eyes, Tom replied, "No sir. There was no one registered with the name of Alexander Brown in city B's resident list."

Reuben didn't say anything when he saw that Tom had more to say. He just gestured him to continue.

Taking a long breath, Tom said, "Boss, we have searched very heard to find Alexander Brown. But seems like the person doesn't even exist at all. We didn't get any clue about him... far away his other personal informations"

Reuben nodded his head wandering something in his mind.

Staring at a certain page of the file, Reuben asked, "There is an information saying that Mr. Alonzo Brown had left the city B six years ago. Where did he go?"

"Mr. Brown seemed to go to country M for his further studies but he came back one year before the session time was supposed to end." Tom replied.

"What do you mean? He hadn't completed his studies in city M and came back to city B one year prior to the actual degree period."

"Yes Boss. But later we found out that he had done his further studies from one of the very famous University in city B and got the degree in the same year when he should be getting it from the University of city M, which is apparently four years ago."

The suspicions Reuben was feeling, became more terrified and only one possibility was running in his mind. And that is

Alexander Brown is none other than Alonzo himself

But for more clarity and surety Reuben told his assistant, "Tom, one last work for you. Find out if Alonzo had really departed the plane for city M six years ago or not? Get his University certificate or any kind of information which would prove if he really had studied one year in city M or that was a complete lie."

"Do it at first as you can. Dig each and everything about him even if you have to use my name and manpower then do it. I want the result clear and accurate."

"Sure Boss..."

Dismissing Tom from his office, Reuben rubbed his forehead and ran his hand through his hair hastily.

Taking deep breaths to calm his anger and frustration down, he called someone and said, "I need you and Neil both at our base today night."

Henry asked in the phone, "Why? Is anything serious?"

"Yes.. I need to talk to both of you about Alonzo Brown." Reuben said with a grave face.

"Okay. We'll be there." Henry said as his face also become serious...