My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 121

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 121 Either Ghost.. Or Hidden His Identity..


Veronica's phone rang as she entered her cabin after having lunch with Willa. Seeing the caller ID, a smile bloomed on her lips.

"Hey honey." Veronica said picking up the call.

"Babe I wouldn't be able to pick you up today from your office. I'll tell Tom to drive you back to home." Reuben said.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Veronica spoke, "That's okay. But do you have something important to do today?"

Veronica heard a sigh from the other side as Reuben told, "Yeah. Today Neil, Henry and I are meeting up for a chat. So I'll be a little late. Eat your dinner at the right time and don't wait for me."

"Okay. Then see you at night honey. Bye." Veronica said with a smile on her face.

"Yeah, Bye." Reuben said as the call got cut.


Secret 7...

Henry and Neil were already sitting in the base of Secret 7. Henry was narrating everything to Neil because... when Reuben called yesterday night, he wanted to have a conference call, but Neil didn't pick up the phone resulting Reuben only to talk with Henry.

Henry was also a member of Secret 7... His code name is HUNTER...

And he really behaved like one when he saw his preys, he would not show any mercy on them..

"So that's all what happened." Neil said after hearing the matters of Alonzo from Henry.

Henry nodded her head in affirmation as he replied, "Yes. That's what Reuben had told me yesterday."

"I don't know anything about anyone but if that Alonzo tried to hurt my little sister then I'm gonna kill him without even batting an eye." Neil roared in anger gritting his teeth.

Sliding one of the corner of his lips up in a smirk, Henry said, "Do you think that Reuben would leave Alonzo easily if he do something to hurt our sister? Don't you know how much he loves her and how much overprotective could he be about her?"

Right then, a tall silhouette entered the base with a cold look on his face. Taking a seat with his other friends he sighed before folding his hands together and leaning front towards them, resting both of his elbows on his knees.

Both Henry and Neil looked at him as they sensed the restlessness in his movements.

Sighing deeply, Neil started, "I heard everything from Henry. So what's the matter about all this Alonzo? And exactly who is Alexander?"

Lifting his eyes up to him, Reuben said, "Alexander was Veronica's friend while she was in city B. And about Alonzo you know who exactly he is. But you will come to know everything when you see this."

Reuben took out the file which had all the details about Alonzo which Tom had presented him today morning.

Neil took the file and shared it with Henry to look through the information.

Ten minutes had already passed when both of them finished reading the file and both of their faces were totally surprised to look at, which was kinda funny to watch...

If it was other times Reuben would laugh out loud, making fun of them but it was not a time to joke around...

"So Alonzo had came back to B city without finishing his studies but still got his degree on the scheduled year from a famous University there. How could that be possible?" Henry spoke coming out of the shock.

As Reuben nodded his head, Neil's face became more intensified when he ask, "But there was no registered name of Alexander Brown whom Vero claimed to be her friend."

"Yes. But the thing that is triggering me the most is how can a person doesn't have his name registered when he was a resident of our country otherwise he was a ghost or. He had hidden his identity." Henry's expression changed from confusion to realisation when he said this.

Neil looked at him like he also understood the intensity of his meaning as he murmured, "And both Alexander and Alonzo's surname is the same. Brown."

Reuben stared at them as he continued their comprehension, "More than everything, Alonzo had came back from city M exactly after one month Ica had finished her experiment in city B and returned to city S."

Again realisation hit them hard when Henry opened his mouth, "So you mean to say that both Alonzo and Alexander are the same person."

Reuben's gaze hadn't fluttered at all but his eyes became colder and his jaw clenched in anger which was enough to make the two men understand that they were absolutely right about their thoughts.

Letting out a sigh, Neil asked, "So what are we going to do now? Are you telling about this to Vero?"

Shaking his head in a denial, Reuben said, "No. Not now. I told Tom to enquire about Alonzo's University informations and when it gets confirmed that he is really the Alexander Brown we're thinking about... only then I'll tell her."

"And about Alonzo.... I'd rather give Ica the decision to do whatever she wants. But if he intimidated anything rude to her, then I'll not just sit around without doing anything." Rage was illuminating from Reuben's low yet threatening voice.

"Do whatever you want but just make sure to tell us everything beforehand so that we could be prepared." Neil said patting Reuben's shoulder to calm him down...