My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 122 Making Me Tickle..

"So this is what happened" Lucinda said lying on Henry's bare chest.

"Yeah.. I'm really worried about my little sister." Henry whispered as he stroked her hair.

Lucinda sighed before saying, "Me too. After all she is my best friend. I hope that Alonzo is really not Alexander."

Right then, her phone got a message and it was from Myra.

The message says, 'If you are not sleeping, then can I call you now? I have something important to tell you.'

Seeing the message, Lucinda furrowed her eyebrows and when Henry noticed this, he asked, "Who is this babe?"

"Myra." Lucinda replied.

"Why she texted you so late at night?" Henry asked.

"Don't know. She told me that she has something important to tell me. Let me call her. Okay?" Lucinda said before dialing Myra's number.

"Hey Lucy. I hope I didn't disturb you." Myra said picking up the call.

Lucinda denied, "No. Not at all. Tell me what important thing you have to say?" Lucinda asked.

"Actually, as we decided, I recently bought that place for my restaurant. Actually not me. But my brother bought it for me. But." Myra stopped in her sentence midway.

Raising her eyebrows, Lucinda asked, "But what?"

Sighing deeply, Myra narrated the whole story, "Actually, I don't want my brother to help me in this. I really want to build this restaurant by my own and I don't want my family's name to come in all of this, making people judge me that the restaurant was built because of my family's money and fame."

"Hmmm That's understandable." Lucinda hummed before leaning towards the headboard.

"But the problem is, my savings will not be enough for building this whole restaurant as per my dream one. So so I need an investor in this who would co-own with me. However, as you know I don't know anyone in this city who could be trustful to invest in my dream like restaurant, so I need help from you in this. Can you please suggest me some good investors for it?" Myra asked almost pleading.

Taking a deep breath, Lucinda replied, "Okay. I got it. Why don't you do one thing. Come to my cafe tomorrow and we'll discuss about this more clearly. If you want I can also call Veronica to help you. She is really good at this kind of stuffs."

A sigh of relaxation filled in Myra's mind as she said jovially, "That would be great. Thanks a lot for your help once again. I'll meet you tomorrow then."

"Yeah. Bye." Lucinda said before cutting the call and again lying beside Henry who was scrolling through his social media accounts.



"Ah.. Don't do this. You are making me tickle."

"But you love it extremely when I do this. Don't you?"

"You are such a mean"

"Hahaha Stop wiggling, let me put it on your face"

"I don't want to.. It's so squishy"

"Stop behaving like a brat Reuben Smith and let me put the mask on your face." Veronica warned him as she trying to put a facemask on Reuben but he wasn't giving her any helping hand to do so.

Reuben was squirming and wiggling in his chair and continued to shake his head to stop her from doing so.

"It's a girly thing Ica. I don't want to do this. You know that I'm very handsome so I don't need this little masks for my amazing skin. And if you want to make my skin more healthy then you can kiss and lick me all around my face. I wouldn't mind that." Reuben said with a naughty smile on his face.

"Shut the f.u.c.k up. Bennie. And it's for skincare. You stayed outside for so many hours so I need to protect your skin from the germs. And if you don't oblige with me right now then I promise I'd not allow you to sleep with me for one week." Veronica scolded him in a threatening voice.

Hearing the warning in her voice, Reuben immediately zipped his lips and sat like a behaved child who seems to be very obedient towards his mother.

Veronica smiled at her triumph and thought to herself that she really had a big baby in the shape of a man to care

Reuben really behaved like a five years old child sometimes...

As she finished putting the mask on his face, Veronica heard her phone ringing and it was none other than Lucinda.

"Hey Lucy." Veronica said.

"Hi Niccy. Can you make some time for tomorrow?" Lucinda asked.

"Yeah, I can but why did you ask?" Veronica asked back.

"Actually Myra had some problems with her restaurant thing so she asked us to help her." After that she described everything to Veronica.

Veronica also agreed with Lucinda to help her and she also told that if Willa got some free time then she would bring her there too..

As it came to a settlement, Veronica kept her phone down when she saw Reuben looking at ger questioningly.

She narrated everything to him as Reuben also approved it because he knew very well, whatever was going to happen between Alonzo and them, didn't need to include Myra among all of these. So helping her, would not be a problem for his Ica