My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 123 Half Truth..

Sip and Drip

"So let's start the meeting." Lucinda said getting all excited.

Rolling her eyes at Lucinda, Veronica said, "Don't mind her Myra. She is always like this. By the way, meet her. She is both my and Lucinda's best friend, Willa."

Turning towards Willa, Veronica introduced, "As I told you on the way here, she is Mr. Alonzo Brown's sister, Myra Brown. We met her at the party and became good friends."

"Hi. Nice to meet you." Myra greeted Willa.

"Same here." Willa shook Myra's extended hand with a smile.

As they all narrated the problem of Myra with Willa, she kept calm thinking about every aspect to help her.

She absent-mindedly said, "So you need a trustful investor. But the person can be only trustful to a newbie like you if she / he is known to you."

Veronica's head jolted up at the mention of this as she thought hard for an idea and as like her superfast memory, an extremely good plan hit her brain..

She immediately shifted her gaze towards her childhood best friend and asked, "Lucy, Didn't you tell me once that you were planning to open a branch of Zip and Drip in city S which will not only serve cookies, pastries and coffee but will be more focused on different types of cuisines. But your plan is being delayed because of your lack of time."

Lucinda remembered about her long time dream and nodded at her foolishly. "Yeah. Why did you bring up this matter now?"

Face-palming herself, thinking how stupid her not so idiotic best friend could be sometime, Veronica snapped, "Lucy.. where did you put your brain today? Didn't you get what I mean?"

Veronica became astonished when she noticed that not only Lucinda but also Willa and Myra kept staring at her in a dumbfounded state...

God.!! These girls.!!!

What should she do with them??

She internally cursed her luck for having such dumbass friends and suggested, "What I mean is... since Lucinda and Myra both have same kind of dreams and Myra need a investor while Lucinda can't get on with her idea because of her short time then why don't both of you become partners?"

"And that way... Lucy will not need to give her every time to the restaurant whereas Myra will get herself an investor as well as a business partner who is also her friend and trusted one.. What's say?" Veronica wiggled her eyebrows in a questioning way.

Each girls' face got delighted as they looked at each other being stupified, specially Myra and Lucinda.

"Oh My God! Niccy You really are my best friend. I'm so much in love with you." Lucinda jumped on Veronica embracing her tightly.

She then turned towards Myra and said, "See... Didn't I tell you that she is a mastermind about all these kind of tasks.!!"

Myra vigorously nodded her head as happy tears run onto her face.

She smiled sweetly at them and said, "Thank you guys for helping me."

Willa said, "Come on. Now don't be a crybaby at this joyous moment. We should enjoy your partnership..."

Everyone ordered their favourite coffees, pastries and cookies as Willa asked, "So Myra, from which University you have studied?"

Myra took a bite of her pastry and replied,, "I studied from the top most University of city B. Actually, my Dad was planning to send me foreign for higher studies but some circ.u.mstances occurred which didn't let me to go over there."

Munching her favourite cookie, Lucinda asked, "If you don't mind... can you please tell us what was the reason that you couldn't go foreign for your studies?"

Sighing loudly, Myra bowed her heads to think about those memories before replying, "Actually, my brother Alonzo was planned to go out of the country for his MBA course. Six years ago, he had gone there for completing his degree. But"

Myra thought if she should say the real reason to them but remembering her father's threat.. she decided to tell the half truth to her new friends and hid the actual one..

"But near about one year later we found out that he hadn't actually boarded the plane six years ago, instead stayed in disguise for a whole year in B city. He also met a girl in the meantime and fell on love with her but she dumped him five years ago and left city B without saying anything to him."

Veronica's interest peaked up at the mention of Alonzo staying in disguise, meeting a girl in City B, Alonzo mentioning her about their meet up at her office, and moreover all the time and dates were all correct to the point when she also met her friend at city B and her returning to city S...

She joined all the dots of the previous discussions in her mind silently and finally came to a conclusion

Is Alonzo really Alexander Brown?

Her long lost friend

But how could that be possible?

She need to tell this to her Reuben and only he could solve all her problems.

She said goodbye to her friends, giving excuse of her work and left with Willa

As soon as she reached her office, she dialed Reuben's number and said, "Bennie, I need to tell you something..."