My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 124

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 124 Chubby Nerd..

As soon as she reached her office, she dialed Reuben's number and said, "Bennie, I need to tell you something."

Reuben became alert when he heard Veronica come directly to the point without even saying a 'Hello', so he said,. "Ica.. firstly calm down.. and tell me what happened?"

Sitting on the couch in her office cabin, Veronica let out a sigh and described, "You already know that we met with Alonzo's sister Myra today, right?"

"Yeah.. so what? Did something happen there?" Reuben asked in a worried voice.

"Actually, Myra revealed that Alonzo had stayed in a disguise in city B for 1 year. There he met a girl near about five and half years ago who had also left him around half months later. The timing is quite matched to my visit and exit from there. And..."

"And the previous inspection of Alonzo really forced me to think that he might be my friend Alex I don't know even if I'm right or wrong but it feels too much frustrating." Veronica unfolded her assumption to Reuben.

On the other hand, Reuben sighed before replying, "You are right Ica.. Alonzo is your friend Alex."

"What?" Reuben's sudden revelation made Veronica shrieked like a thunderbolt.

"How are you so sure about it Bennie?"

"Babe Calm down and don't freak out. We'll talk about it at home. Okay? And now clear your mind from all of these stuffs and watch some your favourite videos to relax. Let's see you at evening." Reuben tried to make her cool down.

"Yeah bye."


"So it's true then." Neil said.

"He is really good at hiding his identity." Henry gritted his teeth.

"Yeah.. He really is." Reuben said.

Currently, the three of them are having a conference call during their lunch break. Reuben told them about the investigation result that Tom brought out today morning.

Tom reported that Alonzo hadn't boarded the plane that day and the news was subsided very well by him..

Through immerse searching and threading their power, they came to know that instead of studying in the university of city M, he completed his course in city B where Veronica had been transferred for their six months compulsory outsource project.

Tom also got a snatch of few photos of Veronica and Alonzo at a coffee shop. They were both talking lively and discussing something about the book Veronica was holding.

But the thing that shocked Reuben, Neil and Henry the most was the appearance of Alonzo in that photo which Reuben had emailed to them...

Though the photo was a little bit hazy, but their eagle like eyes didn't miss to recognise the actual person in a complete disguise.

He was wearing a plain shirt with simple jeans. His hair was not organised and the whole attire of him was giving the vibe of a simple boy who really belonged from a middle class family...

Even his face was not as sharp as right now, he was a little bit chubby, not at all like today's hard chested Alonzo. He had a stupid smile on his face and his hair was falling on his forehead. He had a square shape spectacles on his eyes which made him look more old fashioned type.

In simple words, he was looking like a chubby nerd

If they would be in place of Veronica who was only around 20 years old at that time, they would also couldn't recognise the new Alonzo Brown who was extremely handsome and well toned.

They would also thought of him as a mere stranger after meeting him almost five years later

"So what are you gonna do now? Will you warn him not to come close to our Vero?" Henry asked.

"Are you stupid? Why would he do so?" Neil rolled his eyes at Henry's not so good question.

Henry growled, "What did I say wrong? Isn't it every boyfriend's responsibility to protect their girlfriends?"

"Shut up both of you." Reuben yelled in the phone making both of them stop their idiotic bantering..

As both of them closed their mouth, Reuben expressed, "You are absolutely right Henry and I will definitely protect my Ica. But that doesn't mean that I have to threaten him. I'll give full freedom to my Ica about Alonzo.

Whatever she determined to do with him or whether she wanted keep their friendship or move out from it.. is absolutely her choice. I will not interfere in her own decision on her life.

But yeah.. what I will do is to give her support in everything she would decide to do and if she needs my help or protection in all of these matters them I'll happily oblige to do so. I'll be by her side in her every judgement and be her support system..."

"Alright. Whatever you say. But if you need any kind of help you know that we're always with both of you." Neil reminded while Henry agreed with him.

"I know." Reuben said smilingly.


Alonzo's Apartment

Myra was cooking in the kitchen when Alonzo got back from his office. Myra earlier today had told Alonzo about Lucinda being her new investor and Alonzo supported her in it.

"What are you making?" Alonzo asked.

"Some spaghetti." Myra replied before serving it into a bowl.

"Okay. Then I'll come getting freshed up." Alonzo said before going to her room.

As soon as he kept his suitcase near the bed, he got a call from his mother.

He was avoiding his father's call from few days but when his mother called, it was not the same.

So expecting his mother on the call, he received the phone, "Hello."

"So you accept your mother's calls but always avoided mine..."