My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 125

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 125 Ill Be By Your Side..

He was avoiding his father's call from few days but when his mother called it was not the same.

So expecting his mother on the call, he received the phone, "Hello."

"So you accept your mother's calls but avoided mine."


"So you remember me" Mr. Brown sarcastically said.

"Where is Mom? And why are you calling from mom's phone?" Alonzo growled.

Mr. Brown's mood got extremely sour hearing Alonzo's chilli mixed spicy words as he yelled at him, "Don't you dare talk to me like that, you boy.. Don't forget that I'm your father."

"If you called me just to remind me that you are my father then drop it. You are not even near a ounce of that. Now if you want me not to cut the call then tell me your demand." Alonzo spoke through his gritted teeth.

Mr. Brown remembered what he had call for and said, "Today I and Regina's father had met to decide on your engagement day. After discussing through everything, we fixed the date within a month. So be ready for that."

Alonzo's eyes flared up in anger as his head started to heat up.

He pursed his lips in rage and murmured, "I already told you before that I'll not marry that girl. Don't you understand that?"

Chuckling evilly, Mr. Brown said, "You know me very well my dear son. The thing I have decided once will not change at any cost. So you have to obey my order like a good boy and get engaged with Regina in a month."

But before Alonzo could retort back, Mr. Brown cut the call and smiled in triumph, "Oh my dear son.!! It does not matter what if you want to marry Regina or not. The only thing that matters here.. is what I want."

On the other hand, Alonzo was extremely angry at his father and he threw the phone on the floor furiously.

He ran his hands over his face and breathed heavily. "I need to work on my plan faster and make Veronica my wife soon in order to cancel the engagement."



"How did you know that Alonzo is Alexander?" Veronica asked as soon as she reached the living room.

"Okay babe now don't fret over this. Sit here first and drink some water." Reuben made her sit on the couch and gave her a glass of water.

As she finished the water and calmed a little, Reuben narrated, "I let Tom do a background check on both Alonzo and Alexander. But then I came to know Alonzo hadn't completed his studies in city M but still got his degree on the same year from city B. And there was no one naming Alexander Brown there.

So I told Tom to check if Alonzo really went to city M that time as I already had a doubt about them being the same. Moreover, as you told me at the phone that your visiting and departing time from B city is the same of Alonzo's whole incident. So after Tom got the report, my hunch got true and we came to the point that Alonzo is your friend from city B."

Veronica nodded her head in understanding but the question that was running in her mind couldn't let her completely relax so she finally asked Reuben, "If he was really Alex then why did he tell everyone that I left him five years ago when it was exactly the opposite. Moreover he told me that I played with his feelings when I never think of him more than a friend. Then why was he blaming me for those things that I haven't committed ever.??"

"I don't know that babe. Only Alonzo can clarify it. But the thing I want to ask you that... do you want me to interfere in this? Should I call Alonzo and tell him to confront you tomorrow?" Reuben asked as he tucked on of her hair strands that had fallen over her face behind her ear.

Shaking her head, Veronica's said as her eyes flashed through an unknown determination, "No honey. I don't want this. I want Alonzo to admit himself first then I'll search for all the answers that I need..."

Reuben hold her face in his hands and told her before giving her a peck on the lips, "Do whatever you want but always remember that I'll be by your side at every step you take and every obstacle you cross. You are my life Vero and I won't let anyone harm you."

Veronica's eyes teared up at his statement as she hugged him tightly, "Thanks honey for always supporting me. I'm really lucky to get you."

"Nah.. I'm the lucky one here." Reuben said before inching their lips close to each other and kissing her passionately...


City B

A man and woman were entangled in their own passion on the bed as their m.o.a.ning sound could be heard from the room.

The girl was panting heavily while the man was pounding inside her relentlessly. They were both wet in perspiration of themselves as their mouth found each other and they kissed wildly...

But an interruption of a phone call broke them from their passionate moment. The girl looked at the caller ID and seeing the name she told the man, "Let me take the phone call first and then we can continue."

"What happened Mom?" Regina asked picking up the call.