My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 126

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 126 Preponing The Meeting..

But an interruption of a phone call broke them from enjoying their passionate moment...

The girl looked at the caller ID and seeing the name she told the man, "Let me take the phone call first and then we can continue."

"What happened Mom?" Regina asked picking up the call.

"Where are you? It's already so late but you hadn't come back yet." Mrs. Parker scolded her daughter.

Regina sat on the bed resting her head on the headboard. Covering herself with the comforter, she said, "I'll not come back home today and don't yell on me because I'm at my friend's home."

She bit her lips when the man kissed her neck. She thought in her mind that she hadn't lied to her mom about being in a friend's house after all he was also her friend

Well with a special attachment to the word 'friend'...

They were more like

Friends With Benefits

"You need to come back home right now. Your father and Mr. Brown had finalized both of your engagement day in a month." Mrs. Parker informed her.

Hearing this, Regina got up from the bed and asked, "Really Mom? You are not joking. Right?"

"It's true. Come to home as soon as possible."

"Okay. I'll be leaving in five minutes." Regina told her mother as she started to dress up.

Cutting the call, Regina kissed the man's lips as she said, "I have to leave now Mike. Will meet you later."

Mike also got up from the bed and kissed her back saying, "You know that you'll get me whenever you want so that we can finish what we're doing later."

"Sure." Regina said giving him a wink before leaving Mike's home.



The next morning, Veronica entered Louis's office with Willa for a personal meeting.

"I want to prepone our meeting with Brown Corporation from next week to this week." Veronica said.

Both Louis and Willa made a confused face towards her as if to ask what was the reason behind her sudden decision.

"I want to start this project fast so we could get back to our previous schedule." Veronica lied reading her friends' minds.

Louis gave a playful smile to her and said, "Is that so? Or are you too much eager to work with your dear boyfriend?"

Veronica rolled her eyes at him, making Willa giggle. She flicked Louis's head before saying, "Quickly inform Brown corporation about the early meeting at the end of this week and then tell me if they agreed or not."

"Okay Boss " Louis gave her a salute in an army manner, making the girls grin at him.

"Let's go Willa and examine the blueprints closely." Veronica held Willa's wrist, pulled her towards the door and left left Louis's office.


Brown Corporation

Bill knocked on Alonzo's office door and when he ordered to get in, he entered the office hurriedly.

"Boss, we got a call from Creation asking to prepone the meeting of the next week."

"Prepone?" Alonzo scrunched hid eyebrows at the mention of this particular word.

Bill nodded his head in affirmation and said, "They want to have a meeting at the end of the week. What should I reply them because there are two meetings of yours with the H.R. head and another manager that day."

Alonzo looked at him for a second but then retreated back to his desktop to think over the matter.

So, they asked for a early meeting... Interesting!!

'Maybe Veronica already remembered me or at least got the clue from my words. Well, it's for my convenience. The more the meeting would be earlier, the more time I will get to woo Veronica over again and then marry her off.

Therefore the matter of Regina will go haywire. I wouldn't need to give her any attention because I know that she is a perfect example of a manipulative bitch.'

Now that Creation is already asking for an early meeting, Alonzo didn't want to waste the golden chance of him making his plan smoother and easier. He would not make a fool of myself to reject the meeting. So he did what his heart wanted to do

"Cancel the meetings with the H.R. Head and the manager. Inform Mr. Morgan that we'll be attending the meeting on Friday whatever time they want." Alonzo told his assistant.

"Okay Boss. I'll notify you the time later then." Bill said before leaving the office.

Alonzo took his phone out of his pocket and opened the private gallery of him where he kept many photos of Veronica some were with Veronica's acceptance and the others were clicked without her noticingwhich were completely candid..

Opening a certain picture of them together, smiling at the camera, he zoomed on her face. Caressing the part of her face over the phone screen with his thumb, he murmured to himself, "We'll meet again very soon. And I hope that the caressing I'm giving your photo right now would be real before you know it.

I really can't wait more to run my hands over your beautiful face and kiss those plumpy delicate lips of yours which I'm sure will be very delicious."