My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 127

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 127 Prideful So Called Ego..

The day finally arrived and Veronica got ready for the meeting. She wore a beautiful peach colored blouse which had beautiful trails at the collar area and sleeves. She matched it with an off white colour pencil skirt that ended just before her knees.

Letting her straight hair fall on her back, she applied a light makeup consisting of eyeliner and a little compact. She put a nude lipstick on her lips and wore the pearl earrings with the her silver plated watch on her wrists.

"Are you sure that you don't want me to come with you today?"

Reuben who was wearing a similar color of off white suit with Veronica, asked her hugging from behind.

He was a little worried about her though he knew that it was her own company and nothing could happen to her there.

But still being the overprotective boyfriend as always he couldn't help but shielded her with his care.

Smiling at their reflection in the mirror, Veronica covered his hands with her own which was resting on her stomach before assuring him, "Don't worry honey. I'll be all okay. I'd not be anxious while confronting Alonzo. And if I feel anything wrong I'll immediately call you, I promise."

"That's good.. However don't forget to call me after the matter with Alonzo solved." Reuben mumbled as he gave a kiss behind her ear.

"I won't." Veronica replied before patting his cheek.



Veronica and Willa were already sitting in the meeting room, waiting for Louis and Alonzo to arrive with their respective assistants.

Finally after ten minutes, they arrived as both Willa and Veronica stood up to greet them. They shook their hands with each other.

While shaking his hand with Veronica, Alonzo kept holding her hand for few more seconds than the others and squeezed it with a certain force to make her feel a little pain, but not too much to make her cry in pain...

Veronica gave a sharp glare to Alonzo which warned him to leave her hand. In spite of letting go of her hand, Alonzo tightened it more and returned her glare with a smirk on his face.

Pulling her hand out of Alonzo's hold as calmly as possible, not to bother anyone, she sat on her chair and opened her laptop.

But. This little interaction didn't go unnoticed by Louis

Earlier this day, Reuben had called him to look after Veronica today and if he unraveled anything erroneous in Alonzo's behavior that would be directed towards Veronica, he should notify Reuben right at that moment..

Reuben didn't defined him anything about the actual reason for this, but Louis knew that if his cousin told him to do so, then that would surely have something to meddle with Veronica's safety.

And he would happily compel with it because aside from being his cousin's precious girlfriend, she was also her long time friend... best friend you could add...

"Let's start the meeting." Louis said to pass any kind of inconveniences.

As the meeting processed forward, both party kept their own perspectives at every single kind of prospects. They discussed about the making of the model for the building in a more suitable and profitable way.

"I think the 3d assumption of this model should be in a brighter color to attract more customers and clients. We should use more vibrant colour to get their attention." Alonzo gave his idea.

"No. That can't happen. Bright and vibrant colour for making a 3d model that even of a hotel is definitely not a good option...

Instead of attracting more people, it will go other way around. Lighter colour would give a softer vibrance to the model which would look more appealing and real to the onlookers." Veronica denied Alonzo's idea in a straight cut way.

Alonzo moved his eyes up to Veronica as he said, "Ms. Lopez. You are forgetting that this is our project and you are obliged to agree with us."

Veronica's eyes turned colder to minus degree centigrade as she retreated back, "And Mr. Brown. You must have some problems of a short time memory loss otherwise you wouldn't forget that the responsibility of this 2d and 3d modelling project had been given to our company and I'm the one who is supervising it.

Moreover, no one can have a better idea of colour contrast than a animator and modeler herself. So I would prefer you to not interfere in this kind of affairs..."

Coldly laughing at her, Alonzo uttered, "But I'm the co-investor here. So you should prefer my choice too. It's not good for a simple employee of a big company like Creation to disrespect their clients."

Those words not only shocked everyone but Alonzo himself too was shocked that how could he say those harsh words to his one and only love.!! But his ego was not something to loose in front of many people.

Louis, on the other hand became very angry at his words as he thought, 'A simple employee? You idiot! She is the CEO of this company and wouldn't hesitate even once to make you go bankrupt and your prideful so called ego.'

Though he couldn't reveal about her real identity to Alonzo, but atleast he could protect his employees right?

"Mr. Brown. I'm not trying to disrespect you but you should keep it clear in your mind that no one no one in our company could be treated badly or insulted by others."

However, the morph they didn't notice was Veronica's expression...

Her expression turned into anger to confusion and then to sorrow..

'No this man this man in front of her can't be her sweet friend Alex. He was not like that. He was cute and kind type of person. Not a harsh and rude man like Alonzo.

Though he once behaved like the same to her in city B, by insulting her but that might be out of his childishness..

But he would never humiliate her by degrading her occupation like Alonzo did..."