My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 128

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 128 Already Won The Verbal Battle..

'No this man this man in front of her can't be her sweet friend Alex. He was not like that. He was cute and kind type of person. Not a harsh and rude man like Alonzo.

Though he once behaved like the same to her in city B, by insulting her but that might be out of his childishness..

But he would never humiliate her by degrading her occupation like Alonzo did..."

'But all the proofs and facts are pointing towards him that he is the Alexander Brown whom she met five and half years ago.'

Then how could he change so much in mere few years??

The answer of all her questions would be revealed when she would confront him..

And she would do it today Right after the meeting

Veronica took control of her emotions and got back to her professional mode. "If you are really mentioning about you, being the co- investor gives you all right to interfere in my work, then I must say this"

"Why don't we ask about the real investor's decision?" Veronica calmly made a question or more like a threat playing with the pencil she had in her hand.

Alonzo's face scrunched up, emitting his hesitancy about what Veronica had said.

But Louis being Louis, asked the uncertain question to Veronica, "Real Investor? You mean Reuben?"

"Yes.. We should take Reuben's opinion in this matter." Veronica said, giving a little smirk.

Louis and Willa gave a hats off to Veronica mentally and smiled with contempt when they heard Veronica mentioning about Reuben's judgement about this..

Knowing that Veronica already won the verbal battle with Alonzo as Reuben would never say a 'NO' to Veronica's decision, they couldn't help but mentally clap for her..

Unbeknownst to Alonzo who really didn't know anything about the power Veronica hold over Reuben, smiled at the suggestion and said, "I think that would be more preferable. I would ask Mr. Smith then."

"That would be better. Then we should end the meeting here." Saying this, Veronica got up from her chair.

Louis shook Alonzo's hands and said, "Then we'll meet later."

"Yeah.." Alonzo said.

When everyone was exiting the office, Veronica stood on her position without moving.

Before Alonzo could leave, Veronica said, "Mr. Brown. Do you have few minutes of time to talk with me? It's important."

"Yeah.. sure.." Alonzo happily agreed and told his assistant to wait for him in the hallway.

"Please have a seat Mr. Brown." Veronica pointed towards the chair exactly opposite to her.

After Alonzo took a seat, both kept at staring each other without uttering a single word... Two minutes passed but still no one of them spoke first.

As Alonzo's gaze got intensified, Veronica looked down on her fingers to keep herself calm and then again kept her eyes on him.

"So Mr. Alonzo Brown." Veronica started but stopped midway.

"Or should I call you Alexander Brown..?"

Alonzo's jaw clenched when Veronica mentioned the name he was trying to hide making Veronica smirk at him. Seeing the tensed expression on Alonzo's face made Veronica sure about her and Reuben's assumption of him being Alex...

Relaxing his clenched jaw a little and giving her a fake smile, Alonzo mumbled, "So you finally got it"

Veronica narrowed her eyes at him and answered, "Did you think you could hide the truth from me?"

"No. I didn't want to hide it but I also didn't want to reveal it so soon. But as expected, you are really intelligent" Alonzo said leaning forward and resting his hands on the table.

Seeing him being so much unfriendly, Veronica got hurt that her long lost friend changed so much that he wasn't even talking to her a little.

"Why? Why Alex? Why are you behaving like this? Why had you treated me as a stranger when we both met after five years at your party? And don't even give me any excuse that you didn't remember me. Because each and every words of you proved that your every step was pointed towards me." Veronica wanted a defination of his behavior as her eyes got softer and gloomy.

Alonzo abruptly stood up from the chair, letting it knock on the floor hard. His eyes was red from anger as he bumped his hand loudly on the table.

"Why I'm doing this? You don't know the reason?" Alonzo literally interrogated her.

"I really can't understand anything about you. You are changed Alex. Totally changed. Oh no.. I'm sorry.. You are not Alex, it's just the name you took in your disguise to decieve me." Veronica said.

"Decieve? Did you just direct the word decieve towards me when you are the one who treated me like a fool?" Alonzo gritted his teeth.

"I never treated you like a fool Alonzo. You were my friend, you damn it." Veronica also thumped her hand on the table furiously.

"Friend? Only a friend? Really Veronica how much more of a lie are you harboring in your head?"

"I never lie Alonzo. Make it clear in your mind. And the only person lied... was you." Veronica said in a cold voice.

Alonzo shuddered in rage and tried not to turn over table on the floor by controlling himself, "You know what we should not talk about these things in the office. We should find a place to chat."

"No.. we should talk here. Right now." Veronica snapped.

Holding his head in his hand, Alonzo said, "You really wanted to talk here, Naah?."

As an answer Veronica just nodded her head to which Alonzo's reply was...

"Fine.. let's talk."