My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 129

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 129 Mentally Calm..

Holding his head in his hand, Alonzo said, "You really wanted to talk here, Naah?."

As an answer Veronica just nodded her head to which Alonzo's reply was...

"Fine.. let's talk."

"Can't you be a little gentle when you talk?" Veronica asked with a frown.

"I'm being already gentle with you. If not then you'd be pinned on this wall abruptly getting kissed by me." Alonzo shouted before pointing towards the wall behind Veronica.

Shock would be an understatement to describe Veronica's now expression it was more like she couldn't believe what was happening in front of her.

"Mind your language Alonzo." Veronica yelled back at him when she finally got out of her trance.

She wasn't at all thinking of people outside the meeting room would listen their conversation as the room is already soundproof for confidential purposes.

Alonzo's face got darkened when Veronica used her high pitched voice on him as he clenched his fist tightly not to burst out over her.

Veronica took deep breaths to turn down her raging emotions that were building up inside her as she asked softly, "What did I do wrong Alonzo to make you hate me so much? You weren't like this before."

Laughing like a maniac, Alonzo replied, "Yes. I wasn't like this before Veronica. You made me like this."

"I? How..?"

Before Veronica could finish, Alonzo laughed bitterly and an unknown emotion crept on his face which later turned into a softer one.

His gaze became more loving as he stared at Veronica's exasperated face and said, "I loved you I loved you from the first day we've met. But you what did you do to me?"

"You you broke me. You broke an innocent soul who loved you like crazy. You confessed that you also loved me but then then when we're going to our first date you left me without a word only giving me a letter of you telling about your departure." Alonzo was now almost holding his tears which would fell anytime if he blinked for just once...

Uncertainty was clearly showing on Veronica's face as she was totally confused of what Alonzo was speaking. She blink for a few minutes while herblips parted a little to take breath.

Finally finding herself able to talk again, Veronica stuttered, "I con confessed to you that I loved you? But.. but when?"

Veronica's was eyes filled with pure confusion as she deliberately wanted to know when she had said those love words to him..

As per her memory, she never said so to anyone other than her one and only Love Reuben...

She wanted to know bexactly what stupid things was Alonzo blabbering about

Alonzo scoffed at her response and said in a mocking way, "Now you are even going to deny that.. Oh my God!! Veronica, from when you learnt to lie so much?? You don't care about anyone's feeling while telling lies after lies to protect your so called innocent reputation.. You don't even care about me for a little bit"

"I never never in my life said to you that I loved you Alonzo. It must be some kind of misunderstanding. I could never have ever loved you in my life like a lover, Alonzo. You were always a friend of mine.. a very precious friend." Veronica whispered in a low voice, tears brimmed in her eyes and started falling on her now red cheeks.

Chuckling sarcastically at her denial of their past love, Alonzo shook her head to stop his tears from falling and said, "Friend? Like really? I was just a friend to you? What a big lie..! I can't believe I have to heard this cruel lie from you like this Veronica.."

"Okay let it be.. but what did you say just now that you can't ever love me in your lifetime? Why Veronica, why? Am I that much bad? Am I that bad that no one can love me , not even you" Hurt was clearly showing on Alonzo's face as he uttered the most sadistic truth of his life.

"No Alonzo, you were never bad you were a good guy who loved to help people in their needs, who loved to spend his time just studying without passing his time playing, wasting money like water like other young boys even though you were magnificently rich though you even hid the fact of being rich by pretending to be a poor guy in front of me.." Veronica tried to console him by letting him forget about the misconceptions that he had for himself.

Alonzo looked into her eyes in so much pain and asked, "Then why why did you tell me now that you can't love me like a lover ever?"

"Because because I lo..."

Before Veronica could finish, a loud bang erupted on the wooden door of the meeting hall, letting both of them get broken from their emotional trances.

Veronica took few deep breaths and wiped the tears that were stained on her face whereas Alonzo also presented himself well like before when Veronica told the person at the door to come in.

"Uhmm sorry if I bothered you guys but there is some important things I have to discuss with you.." Louis opened the door to peak at them and said.

He didn't miss the puffy eyes and pale face of Veronica which made him curious to know the reason of her appearance.

When they left the meeting room, Veronica was all okay but now her face was changed fully from brightness to dullness...

If his cousin brother Reuben would find out that Veronica was crying few minutes ago here in the office thought he warned Louis to look after her for today which he clearly failed, he was sure that he would be going to hell today...

Veronica brought back her professionalism again in her body gesture and said, "Okay Sir.. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Then turning towards Alonzo, Veronica said, "I think we should talk about it later when you are mentally calm and will be able to talk with more respect. Thanks Mr. Brown for today's help. See you later.."