My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 13 Notorious Playboy

The next day was Monday

Both Veronica and Lucinda woke up early as they both have to go to their respective offices. They both sat on their chairs in the dining hall.

"Good morning girls." Mr. Lopez put down his newspaper on the table. He was already wearing his business suit, ready to go to office.

"Good morning Dad."

"Morning Uncle."

Mr. Lopez smiled at both of them and ate the sandwich which his wife had just placed on his plate.

"So what is your plan today? Are you going out anywhere with my son-in-law?" Jessica asked her daughter.

Veronica almost choked on her food listening to her mother acknowledging Reuben as her son-in-law.

"Come on Mom!! He's not your son-in-law yet." Veronica scoffed.

"Yeah. But he'll be soon. So what's wrong calling him in this name from now on?" Mrs. Lopez wasn't ready to lose the battle with her daughter.

Veronica rolled her eyes, "Mom. You are not understanding. Me and Reuben have decided to not announce our relationship to the public so soon."

"But why? You both are grown up now then what's wrong with it?" Jessica furrowed her brows.

"We have some personal reasons Mom."

"If they don't want to reveal it then don't pressurize them. And who said that I'm going to marry off my daughter so soon?" Mr. Lopez made an angry face.

"But weren't you agreed on their relationship?" Mother Lopez asked being puzzled.

"Yes, I agreed on that. But I'm not ready to marry my princess off so soon." Father Lopez humphed.

Veronica was amazed about where the topic was going whereas Lucinda just giggled.

"Okay. Now we have to leave Mom and Dad. Otherwise we'll be late for our office." Veronica and Lucinda both got up from their chairs.

After saying their good-byes, both of the girls drove to their office. Veronica first dropped Lucy at her workplace before going to her own office.


Lucinda has her own cafe which have five branches through out the city S and seven more branches in the other cities of country K. Her cafes are famous among all ages- from children to youngsters to old people. Their coffee and other dishes are top notch and the cafes have a good environment. So people like to come and spend their time here.

Lucinda Wilson is the only heiress of the Wilson family and she has a elder brother who now handles their family business. He is also very famous among girls for his good looks and charming personality. He is a notorious playboy of city S and changes girlfriends like changing clothes. There is no girls who doesn't know the flirtatious and playful handsome man, Neil Wilson.

Though he is infamous for his flirty personality but he is dead serious about his work. He took their family business to another level after being the CEO. Neil and Lucinda are both very close each other and Neil spoiled his sister to no level. Though Lucinda knows about her brother's playboy image but she doesn't give a damn about that, as she knows that his brother is very good from his heart and loves her dearly.

Neil is also a friend of Reuben and Henry and often hangs around with them. They are childhood friends and went to same school and same college for their business management studies. He is also in the list of 'the top 10 most handsome bachelors of Country K' so he is very good looking with a perfect height and body and has a lot of money to spend harshly. But he also has a deepest dark secret which no one knows even not his sister.


Veronica arrived at the parking lot of her office not long after dropping her best friend. It is a very big building with 20 floors and very beautiful to look at. The word "CREATION" was written in big block letters at the top of the building showing the creativity through its typography style.

"CREATION" is the best Multimedia Company among country K and it always ranked at the top 1 since the past 4 years. Though this company is the largest multimedia center and known for their best Animation films, vfx, graphic designing and more but no one knows anything about the CEO and even not the gender of the almighty king / queen of the Multimedia industry.

Veronica's father always wanted his princess to fulfil her dreams and let her do what she wants. When she asked her father to study Animation instead of Business Management, he easily agreed. So after that she studied hard and then later joined CREATION as an intern but now she is one of the head of the planning department. She earned it through her hard work and didn't accept any help from her father to reach to this position.