My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 130

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 130 Beauty With Brains..

Then turning towards Alonzo, Veronica said, "I think we should talk about it later when you are mentally calm and will be able to talk with more respect. Thanks Mr. Brown for today's help. See you later."

Alonzo nodded at Louis before leaving Creation with his assistant...


As soon as Alonzo left, Veronica asked, "What important things do you want to discuss?"

Shrugging his shoulder, Louis replied, "Nothing... It's just that Reuben called me a few minutes ago as you hadn't answered his phone."

Checking her phone immediately, Veronica noticed few missed calls all from Reuben which she couldn't heard probably because of keeping her phone silent.

"I understand. I'll call him now." Veronica said, dismissing Louis as she was not at all in the mood to converse with anyone expect Reuben.

Mentally thanking Reuben to call Louis at the perfect time which helped her from breaking into cries, Veronica dialled his number.

"Hey baby.." Within a ring Veronica's call got recieved and Reuben's melody voice rang into her ear...

"Benniee" Veronica whispered in a very low voice.

The hoarseness of her voice made Reuben jerk up in anxiousness as he asked concernedly, "Ica baby.. What happened to your voice? Were you crying?"

Veronica smiled lightly as she heard the concerned voice of Reuben which made all her previous sorrow evaporated in a second and an eased feeling was born in her frenzy like mind, whereas her heart sang a song of feeling loved with each of her heartbeat...

"Nothing to make you tense honey. It's linked to Alonzo. I'll tell you about it at home. Don't worry about me now and tell me if you had your lunch already." Veronica pacified him with a soft voice.

Looking at his watch which was indicating that it was near the lunchtime, he sighed, "No.. I haven't yet."

But that sigh turned into a mischievousness when he explored something in his amazing mind as he said, "How about we have lunch together today?"

"What do you mean?" Veronica rubbed her nose with her index finger.

"Come to my office so we can have lunch together. And I also know that you are not completely okay though you are telling me so...

Therefore I could console you with my lots of pampering and sweet kisses and then we can also talk about Alonzo." Reuben said getting excited.

Veronica laughed at his childish behavior when she became certain of the meaning of him consoling her. She very well knew what would happen to her if she went to his office for a lunch...

Still she wanted to go there even after knowing the consequences. Because her stupid heart now only needed Reuben to comfort her, to make him hold her in his assuring arms and listen to his sweet nothings and playful remarks.

Her heart badly wanted him...

Therefore wasting no time, she responded with a YES..

"Okay. I'll be there in a minute Mr. Smith as your very workaholic client for your next project." Veronica joked as she already had a spontaneous excuse to meet him without getting doubted by others.

Reuben laughed at her joke and played on with her, "You have 20 minutes Ms. Lopez to come here. I don't like clients who is late."

"Don't worry Mr. Smith. Your this client is very punctual." Veronica made a serious voice making Reuben chuckle.


Smith Enterprise

Exactly 15 minutes later, Veronica reached at Reuben's company and Tom was already waiting outside the main entrance for Veronica.

As soon as he saw his lady boss, Tom said, "Good afternoon Ma'am. Sir is waiting for you in his office."

He didn't greeted Veronica as Lady boss because no one in the company other than him knew about the actual relationship between Veronica and Reuben. So he chose to call her Ma'am..

Veronica nodded at Tom giving him a sweet smile and said, "Hello Tom."

Tom ushered her towards the private elevator which was only for the most important people in Reuben's life to use which included his family members and his close friends..

Not to forget Veronica was one of them

Though everyone in the whole city S knew that Reuben and Veronica couldn't tolerate each other for even a second and started bickering at the first moment they saw each other's face.. but still she was one of the precious daughter of Lopez family who were friends with Smith family from long decades.

Whereas Reuben and Veronica both were childhood friends and despite their hate to each other they were still playmates since they stepped foot into the world So their bond was still extremely great even when most of the time they did nothing but fight together.

Attached to that, now Veronica was Reuben's client as the news of Smith Enterprise, Brown Corporation and Creation's merger made the top place at the breaking news of all media channels in country K which created a huge roar among all the business world till now...

While Veronica being recognised as the most beautiful woman of country K and being the daughter of one of the richest families of the whole Asia, was well known to all as the VFX head of the biggest multimedia company Creation.

Everyone knew about her neat work and advanced inventions in multimedia industry who didn't waste her youth in spending her time in some beauty parlours and throwing money at shopping malls, partying and gossiping like other so called Richie young misses of wealthy families.. So she got an instant respect from all the netizens.

She was the perfect example of beauty with brains