My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 131

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 131 Beautiful Tale To Tell Our Future Children..

She was the perfect example of beauty with brains

Entering the top floor of the big building of Smith Enterprise, Tom opened the door and closed it after she got into the office, leaving the love birds no sorry the two clients for their unclear meeting..


( note the sarcasm)

Getting into the office, the first thing her eyes got attracted to.. was the man on his working table, looking dashing and handsome as always

Her heart started to jog like always whenever she saw the love of her life, Reuben would be busy in his work, very focused on his computer and looking as hot as the midday sun of summer...

Everyone would get burnt on a single touch of him and turned into ashes in a minute Especially if someone tried to disturb him in his worktime..

But who is this?

This is Veronica Lopez.. the rain to pour down on this hot sun, making him all calm

She slowly walked towards him in her tippy toes as Reuben was too much immersed in looking into something in his computer

But what she missed was the small smirk playing on his face..

As soon as Veronica reached the table and going to shake him with all her might to scare him off, instaed of him... she became shocked...

A pair of big arms caught her small fairly like hands and pulled her towards him, making her fall on his lap directly.

Getting the chance to hug her, he tightened his hold around her waist and kissed the red lips which were slightly opened by the pure shock.

"Did Miss Lopez think that her dear boyfriend would not reckon the presence of his one and only Love?" He whispered looking at her crystal eyes, smiling wickedly.

"You are really cheesy, aren't you?" Veronica said hitting him on the chest.

C.o.c.king an eyebrow and smiling naughtily, he murmured in her eyes, "Of course I'd be chessy after all I love to eat your cheese so much.." he then pointed towards her downwards with his eyes

"You..." when Veronica finally understood what he was meaning, she flushed red all over her face, even her ears turned into red as deep as beetroot...

Reuben chuckled seeing her reaction and bit her ear, saying softly, "Lets have lunch. Tom had already bought your favourite mac n cheese"

As they were having their lunch, Reuben asked, "So what's the matter with Alonzo? Did he say something?"

Gulping the food down, Veronica looked at his eyes and nodded as an affirmation to his questions. Drinking the juice that Reuben passed to her, she shifted more towards him and hold his hands tightly.

"Alonzo he told me that five years ago I confessed to him that I loved him which was not at all true.. he said that I betrayed him on the day of our first date and left him with a letter saying that I was leaving city B." Veronica told him everything in details.

"A letter?" Reuben seemed confused.

"Yup.. he said so. But I don't remember giving anything to him. But that's not the point because how could he lie about me confessing to him when I always loved you even before meeting him and instead he claimed me as a liar." Veronica showed her annoyance to Reuben.

"First of all, exactly that was the point. Because if you hadn't given any letter to him that's mean someone else gave him that. So there must be other person who knew about both of your friendship. " Reuben said thinking hard.

Pondering for awhile, Veronica said, "No.. no one knew about our friendship other than his grandmother and some friends of our college.."

Nodding his head at her, suddenly something stuck in his mind as his face changed into a type of jealousy, "And why was he talking about some first date?"

Hearing this, Veronica made a face of amus.e.m.e.nt and told him, "Are you serious Bennie? Among all of these things, what do you have to point out is about the date.. then for your kind information Mr. Smith, I never had told him to have any date.. but"

"But..?" Reuben raised his eyebrows.

"I was going to inform him about coming back to city S, so I told him to meet me at the usual place and he told me he would come.. but around thirty minutes ago he messaged me to meet him at a coffee shop and I agreed with him. I arrived at the coffee shop at the decided time but

He never came. I waited for few hours when one of his friend came there to tell me that Alonzo wouldn't be able to meet me as he had gone out of country for his higher studies in gaming without even telling me.. I was sad and depressed that I couldn't talk to him for the last time before I leave city B but as my flight was booked for the next day so I had to leave."

"I even tried to contact him after coming back here.. but his phone was always switched off.. and then that incident happened which made the biggest enemies to fall in love" she said pointing at herself and Reuben which made Reuben chuckled.

"And the rest you know" Veronica told flicking his forehead.

Hugging her tightly and kissing her head, Reuben spoke out, "Hmm.. the rest is a beautiful tale to tell our future children.." then he gave her a seductive wink, making Veronica slap him on his arm.

Laughing out loud, Reuben pinched her cheeks and said, "Okay.. jokes apart.. What I've understood hearing this... there must be some kind of miscommunications between you.. or rather like someone's plan to create some misunderstandings between both of you and last but not the least, ask Alonzo to bring the letter for the next time you meet. Okay?"

Veronica nodded and hugged him back..


Willa's Apartment

It was already 7 pm when Willa finally got to her apartment. She entered the elevator and clicked the button of her floor..

The door got opened after few minutes and Willa got out, searching for her key without looking at the front.

As she finally found her keys, she looked up to go forward when suddenly she slammed into a hard chest

"I'm sorry I'm really sorry I had not."

Willa was going to apologise when she tilted her face up and finally saw the familiar face of the man whose chest was being collided with Willa's beautiful face

"You what are you doing here??"