My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 132

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 132 Not Lucky To Have Someone Like You..

"I'm sorry I'm really sorry I had not."

Willa was going to apologise when she finally saw the familiar face of the man whose chest was being collided with Willa's beautiful face

"You what are you doing here??"

Willa asked narrowing her eyes at the person as she hadn't expected at all to see the person here.. that even on the same floor of her apartment.

Neil smirked and said, "Why? Can't I come here?"

Scrutinizing her eyes over his ridiculously handsome face, Willa said, Of course, you can. But who are you waiting here for?"

"You.." Neil answered in monosyllable, making Willa shocked at his answer.

Noticing the weird expression on her face, Neil rolled his eyes and said, "Stop looking at me like that. I was just passing from here. So thought to meet you. Will you not welcome me in your home? Don't you have any hospitality towards your guests?"

Thumping her foot on the floor angrily, Willa stormed towards her door passing Neil and put the key into the keyhole.

Opening the door hastily, Willa turned her face to Neil and said, "Come in."

Walking lazily behind her, smiling contently, Neil entered her apartment and sat on the couch without even taking permission from Willa. He crossed his legs over one another and whistled lowly moving his face here to there looking around...

Willa huffed at his behavior and went to the kitchen. After few minutes, she brought two cups of coffee and handed one to Neil before sitting opposite to him.

"So tell me why did you come here to meet me? I'm very sure that the party lover Neil Wilson will not suddenly show his face here just to see me..!" She sarcastically mocked him because she also was confused at his sudden visit.

Putting the coffee mug down on the table, Neil became serious as he asked, "How your relationship is going with that ban.. hamor plastic can.. or whatever his name is..?"

Narrowing her eyes at him at the mention of her boyfriend's name being pronounced wrongly, Willa inaudibly cursed him under her breath and then corrected him, "It's Sam And our relationship is going very smoothly."

Neil c.o.c.ked one of his eyebrows at her questioningly and asked, "Really? Then why I saw him that day at the bar hugging two hostesses in each of his arms cozily and going towards the hotel room upstairs?"

Willa blinked her eyes few times to get the meaning into his head and when she finally get to understand it, she flew into a great rage and shouted at him, "What rubbish are you spouting? Sam will never do anything like this"

Clearly watching her turning from a polite little lady to a raging woman whose eyes were flashing anger and venom, he smirked and said, "Didn't you hear the phase ever 'Never trust anyone blindly'?? And right now you are doing the same..

The person you think is all sweet and charming... is nothing but a big bastard who loves to play with other girls, leaving his girlfriend trust him blindly. Don't you think you should let him learn his own lesson?"

The venom in Neil's voice was so obvious that anyone could apprehend clearly how much he hated and despised Sam

But Willa was absolutely oblivious to all of these. Because her mind was already full with different types of questions which only leaded her into becoming furious..

She glared at him wrathfully and uttered each word forcefully, "Sam. Will. Never. Cheat. On . Me.. And right now what I'm going to do first is to make you leave my house. Get. Lost"

Staring at her beautiful eyes which had nothing but fury and too much trust for her asshole boyfriend, he couldn't help but get jealous over him for getting such a lovable and innocent girl like her.

Everything about her was beyond appealing.. she was the most charming girl he had ever seen who would not let a s.e.x-crazy guy like him to not have s.e.x for months

Getting up from the couch in a manly way, he was about to go towards the door but instead he turned back to ask the final question before leaving, "Do you really trust the playboy boyfriend of yours much more than me?"

Without wasting any moment on thinking, Willa replied flatly, "Of course. I do trust Sam more. And how can you call him a playboy when you're one yourself??"

Chuckling at her nativity, Neil turned back his face towards the door to avoid seeing her face and replied, "You are true that I'm a playboy myself. But the biggest thing you missed here is.. I don't have a loving girlfriend like him who has only her eyes for her boyfriend...

If I would have you, I would never even dream for a single time to cheat on you by screwing other girls behind your back. Instead I'll always love and pamper you from the bottom of my heart and never let any tear fall from your beautiful eyes...

On the other way around, I'm not that much lucky to have someone like you by my side to take care of me and love me from all of her heart so I just keep myself as a playboy"

Turning towards her again, Neil softly spoke, "I know I don't have a right to say this, but you deserve much better than him Willa Trust me"

Neil gave her a little smile finishing what he wanted to say and left the appartment without looking back at her for the second time, making her stand there dumbfounded with many uncertain questions

Making a round of those words that he told her few minutes ago, Willa kept staring at the door and murmured to herself, "What did he mean to say by all that?"