My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 133

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 133 Secret Spy..


Next day morning, Veronica already had reached her office and thinking about ideas to present the animated design of the hotel project

She would not at all think of the stuffs about Alonzo to make her mood worse which would lead her to do her job badly which she clearly didn't want..

After all, this was her boyfriend's project

How could she let anyone harm her mind to ruin the project she would never allow this in her lifetime

Not possible...


As she was busy in her work, a call got her attention and it was none other than her brother Neil. She smiled seeing his number and received it immediately.

"Hey bro.. What's up?"

Chuckling at her sweet response, Neil said, "Hey my dear sissy. I'm fine and I also know that you are too.. because of my best friend Reuben is always with you." He teased.

Veronica also giggled at him and said, "Well, you are right about that.. Jokes apart.. why did you call me? You don't call me at this time usually if it's not too much important."

Sighing on the Phone, Neil rubbed his forehead, racking his brain how to say those things for which he had called her...

Finally reminiscing the fact hard in his mind, he said, "Sis.. actually about Willa.."

"Willa..?" Veronica was now confused as to why he suddenly became interested about her matters..

"Yes.. Willa Surprisingly I found something about her boyfriend, Sam which will make you shocked."

"What is this? Veronica asked as her eyes sharpened after she heard the name, Sam...

Neil ran his hand through his hair rapidly and told Veronica, "Sam is a cheater. I saw him at the bar few days back with some girls in his arms. But the most shocking news is he went there to meet the person whom we all despised and who was once a competitor of yours"

Veronica didn't say anything, just hummed in response, giving him a sign to continue and he did

"It's Peter"

"Oh.. So he made Sam his pet in his dirty planning and plotting against me" Veronica said calmly.

Furrowing his eyebrows at the unexpected reply from his sister, Neil asked, "Did you know about it?"

Picking up the pen from the pen stand and playing with it, Veronica very coolly replied, "I had a hunch that Peter was planning something to destroy Creation. I was doubting him from the news of of D.B. Animate's fraud case came out because I was sure that Mr. Hill was not the one who would be able to plan whole thing. His capabilities are in limit..

However, I couldn't take his matter in my hand seriously because of the certain circ.u.mstances. But what I didn't expect that he would make Sam to be his secret spy.. I had a hunch that Sam was hiding something but didn't inspect further about him because of Willa's rejection.

Nevertheless now that I got to know about his dirty little secret, I will alert Willa about him.."

Neil got up from his chair and walked towards the big glass window he had in his office and gazed over the city as he said, "She will not believe it. Yesterday I went to her apartment to warn her. But she is being blinded by her love for him. So we have to search for proofs first.. "

This sudden confession made Veronica arched her eyebrows as she couldn't help but ask, "From when did you become so concern about Willa as to visit her home personally to warn her?"

Neil coughed awkwardly to avoid her suspicions and said, "I'm not concerned about her. It's just that she is your good friend. And I know if she got a heartache you will also feel upset about her. You are my little sister and I care about you. That's why I tried to counsel her."

Veronica let out a smirk but didn't force on this topic, as now the most important thing for her was to protect the heart of Willa from breaking apart and the rest would be handled later specially about her brother's sudden interest in her bestfriend...

Therefore she said, "Okay. I understand. I know that you love me too much." In spite of the present serious situation, still at the end she didn't forget to tease her brother.


Few hours later

Veronica remembered something and called for Willa.

"Do you want something ma'am?" Willa asked as she entered Veronica's office.

Taking notice of her slightly pale appearance, Veronica said, "Yes, can you please ask Mr. Brown's assistant for his number? I need to talk to him."

"Yes ma'am sure. Anything else?"

When Veronica shook her head in denial, Willa took her leave.


Brown Corporation.

A sudden ring made Alonzo came back from his daze and she picked up the phone.


"Boss.. Miss Willa was asking for your number as Miss Veronica would like to talk to you. Shall I give her your number?"

Alonzo's face showed a smile as he replied, "Yeah.. give it to her." Alonzo replied as a faint smile bloomed on his lips.

"Okay boss.."

"So you finally asked for my number... huh? Didn't you take too much time for it?" Alonzo murmured to himself.

Few minutes later, his personal phone rang and an unknown number appeared on his phone screen..

Happily picking up the phone from the table, he whispered, "Veronica"